Wooden swing for summer residents

To make a swing we use different types of wood:

Dachas wood products from oak – the most robust and reliable option. The reason for the rib and can earn a decade, remind you and your children for nice moments. If you choose to swing open without overhead canopy, then install them for protection from the sun, preferably in the shade. I handle all factors with natural “negativity”. Moisture and moisture that like to scorch over wood elements is well tolerated by oak material.

Structure of the basic movement – rolling. Over time, poor quality materials can cause cracks. Oak trees are very strong.

Projects have repeatedly confirmed their resistance to mechanical and natural influences. A solid squirrel “will not be insulted.”

A mild linden tree. Trägunga from the limestone discs – finishing for the land drawing. The soft structure of the linden makes it possible for woodworkers to make amazing shapes, patterns. The limestone lack of hardness makes it impossible for her to be at the base of the gun. Such materials are not far under the “attack” of moisture, frost, bugs and mold. Ekpolar and a light lime bench – it’s the perfect pair for a wooden egg in your dacha. Swing is a street structure. Lipa distinguishes perfectly harmony   with modern design with nature. With lime wood there are many models.

Dacha swings from the ash – an opportunity to judge the country holiday at the cottage. The natural material is used by the company “Dacha Solutions” to manufacture a swing upon request. Wood is characterized as sustainable building material. Ash can be used to create a swing in the shape of a gazebo, when the bench is closed on all sides (soft or hard material). A strong base does not give rise to slopes and cracks during operation. To be able to swing over time, you can apply combination with oak. Pelarben- an additional guarantee for the reliability of the land rifles. Ash perfectly combines with textile elements. The product acquires charm, softness. Aesthetic and cheap design will be an excellent decoration for the villa. Like all our models, the ashes from Ash have a guarantee.

Decorate the garden site can use a wooden swing of cheap wood. Pine material because of its affordable price, is also used in the manufacture of a swing. From the solid furan leaves a good place. Swing of pine forests is not as prestigious as oak, but no less convenient. There are many models that will meet consumer demand with an average budget. Pine simply tolerates impregnation and stain to change color and improve qualities. Its resinous surface requires a little more grooming than hardwood. We guarantee the quality of our materials and designs.

The wood is suitable for all types of swing. From ASPEN you can also make a multisite version or a small baby rocking chair. Aspen material is not as durable as an oak or ash wood, but it fits perfectly for a cheap type of swing. From this wood you can make an original and comfortable design in the form of a platform and two benches. The seats opposite each other will be covered with a ceiling (visor). Additional elements help translate the view from a cheap tree to the originality of the design. It is desirable to install poles in oak to prevent rotting. The ash material does not fit under the base because of the inclination with rapid injury. Even a newlyweds tree has a nuclear defect, in other words a rotated center. If desired, the ash frame can be placed on the metal leg. Then, for a harmonious decor, the fasteners must also be metal (for example chains). We have the opportunity to make combined varieties of different materials, from wood of different breeds. Our company is a seller and exporter at the same time.

How to make a garden swing to give your own hands. Photo. Drawings. Video. Swing – this wonderful invention installed in the garden, will be not only a source of entertainment for children, but also a place for fun and joy of their parents.

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