What are the benefits of camping

Camping is a pleasant activity that you can practice with your closest friends or with a lot of people: everything will depend on your preferences. Some companies choose this practice as a team building activity, and for very good reasons.

benefits of camping

The good thing about camping is that you can do it at any time, either during the night, or a whole week with your family. The fun you feel could be enough reason to go camping once in a while. But, did you know that you can also enjoy healthy benefits with this activity?


Breathe fresh air

Camping allows you to be with the trees and with the wonders of nature: excellent producers of high quality oxygen. You breathe deeply and instantly you feel happier because of the quality of the air that enters your lungs.

Forget about all the polluted air you inhale when you're in the city, or those stale odors so familiar to your nose: in nature you do nothing but breathe pure air.

Strengthen friendships

Camping is fun when you do it with your best friends. They can share stories around the campfire, while they eat something delicious or just talk about the things they did during the day.

It is an excellent opportunity to catch up, recover broken ties and grow closer to the people who are important to you. While you are out camping, there are no distractions such as notifications from social networks.

Of course you can have your phone, but only for emergencies. But the truth is that you will not even remember that you have one. Unfortunately, in these times, people are practically inseparable from their phones, always checking their email or new posts on Instagram.

 This results in instability to sleep and obsession with superficial and banal things. With nature you forget all these things and you get new perspectives of everything around you, and once you return to your routine, you come back as a happier person.

You exercise

When you go camping you do not do it to sleep all day. In reality it forces you to put aside sedentariness, and you get immediate rewards. Well you'll have to walk a few miles to get to your destination, set up the tent, find the wood for the fire and light it.

After this, you have to go to a river to look for water to prepare the food. So without a doubt, you have to go explore a little with your friends and apply force to every muscle in your body.

 You burn calories without realizing it, and when you are not aware of what you do, you enjoy those moments of effort and sweat more.

Enjoy the sun's rays

When you are surrounded by nature, you spend a lot of time under the sun. As you wake up early when you go camping, take advantage of the first rays of sunlight and absorb all the vitamin D your body needs to have a healthier glow.

This also increases the absorption of nutrients in your body, such as vitamin E and calcium. That activity that you planned just to change your routine and have fun can also help you have stronger bones and teeth. If you want to live your life to the fullest every day, read this article in bestitemes.

It helps you to have a restful sleep

Camping allows you to have a restful sleep, which in turn helps you to set the circadian rhythm of your body, thanks to the natural light sources that surround you while you are outside.

You are obviously used to incandescent lights or other artificial light sources that contribute to insomnia and poor quality of sleep. While camping, the yellow light of nature activates the production of melanin at night, so you feel tired naturally.

Also, with all that physical activity that you have been doing, the dream comes easily to your body.

 Camping may not be a glamorous activity, but that's where the beauty of this activity lies. You do not focus on looking good all the time, you do not need to please anyone, you enjoy sweating, you socialize and you sleep well. So, what are you waiting to go camping?

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