The accuracy building of a garden swing| Necessary tools and material

A swing is loved not only by children, but adults also want to remember their childhood and feel the same sense of flight. There are many types of swings that can be built with their own hands without significant costs. Our priorities are simplicity and reliability, so we look at wood and metal.

garden swing

Swing of wood

The most stable structure is one where positions are made in the letter "A" form with a cross-section, we will do that. This is a family type of canopy swings, they are also called a hanging bench. They are made of conifers, because numbers are the cheapest material, and the most flexible. To handle pine forest saw, no special tools and devices are needed. Appropriate are the easiest, which is practically in every house.


Drill with a set of exercises

Fret saw




Pen or marker



Stodbalk 4 st. ca 2 m sektion av 100x50 mm.

Beam (log) for a crossbar 2 m.

Bars for manufacturing benches 50 x 80 mm, length 500 mm and 8 cartilage 1500 mm, section 40 x 60 mm for sitting.

Chains with good corrosion coating and a load capacity of at least 500 kg.

Screws with wide discs.

Self-tightening screws are long.

Make the foundation of a swing

First, we must add A-shaped structure of 2 m length beams. It is possible to simply put the boards cross and tighten their bolts, but it looks rough and not aesthetically pleasing, so we use vpoldereva connection with the slots.

 The cross point is made 300 mm from the top and set the angle to 40 degrees.

The lower bridge does not carry heavy loads, it just does not provide the services that are being shipped, so it is possible to use a wood with a smaller cross section or a board.

During assembly, carefully grind all the beams to avoid splitting and processing weathered impregnated or varnishes.

We fix all joints with bolts and discs and attach the metal chronicles.

Then we move the places to permanent place and mount the top beam and fix the corners properly. Then the eyebands are screwed into the side frames, we attach the carbines and the chain to them.

 If there is material and wish we will provide a protection for the deal. There can be many solutions, from simple tree crowns to the construction of mini-seat roofs, which stretched the tent.


The rods are paired at an angle of 110 degrees. You can use the same connection in the middle of a tree or a spike. The joints are glued with PVA buckle and screwed with M10 bolts.

The screws are located on the sides of the seat on the storage base with small gaps. This facilitates the structure and, in principle, will not affect the strength of the bench.

At rest, the armrests are made in the same way through the center connection.

The bench is also marked and painted. On the supporting structures the   benches (the upper part of the backrest and end of the seat) are screwed into the eye bottom. This is necessary for the subsequent connection to the circuit.


Once again we control and tighten the bolts, we attach the chains to the support and hang the bench.

Swing made of metal

If greater choice is provided by the access to the bending tool and the welding machine, as well as the ability to use them. Well, if you do not know, how is this a great opportunity to start training? You can make a swing, gazebo, canopies in one style so that they are in harmony with each other. In addition, metal is more durable material than wood, although it will cost a little more. However, the walk from the metal can be folded and transported to the cut at the end of the season.

Metallgungen's design is not very different from the wood, only the fastening method is different. It is more difficult, but also more reliable.


Skeleton frame - profile tube 40x60 mm 4 pcs. length 2000 mm.

The bench frame is a profile tube 40x20 mm.

Bars for the bench 15 pcs. at 150 cm.

Kedja (ca 7 m).


The Bulgarian

Drills and drills for metal.

Welding machine.

Pipe bending.

Bolts with nuts.

If you decide to make a canopy, you need more profiles of a smaller section, like a sheet of polycarbonate.

Profile tubes are more suitable for manufacturing swing, but cutting at an angle requires some skill so that all 4 tubes have the same cutting angle and then it was easier to weld them. To make a template for cutting, it is possible from a section of a metal section with a larger cross section, then simply apply the workpieces and cut to the marks.

Then we bend the tubes a bit, check if the bow is the same, cut the ends at the correct angle and weld them with electric welding. The same is done with another pair of tubes. We weld the cross bone, put it and tie it along the perimeter of the tube. The base is ready.

The bench can be made exactly the same as a tree swing, it's not about the principle. Even though the presence of a pipe binder and a welder expands your possibilities.

Another thing is the suspension mechanism itself. You can not put on a square pipe, but it's a long time to come up with a complicated design. And why? This design and is not designed for active riding with a big swing amplitude, just throwing the chains across the crossbar and picking up the bench.

All patterns are individual, they vary in size and material. There are only general recommendations and tips that you can use in your work and create something of your own, unique and beautiful.

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