The 8 things you should know before getting on a plane

Have you ever wondered how a cabin crew is working? What do they do and how can they help you? We unravel some myths about aviation and reveal what you should know before flying by plane. All told by a flight attendant.

8 things you should know before getting on a plane

1- Emergency exits are sacred

You finally find your seat and surprise! You have touched the row with more space. Look both ways. You are next to an emergency exit.

This means that this entire area must be cleared. So, put everything you carry in the upper compartments and do it before they are filled. No bags or backpacks or coats. Nothing on the floor. Nothing that is an obstacle.

I recommend that, if you do not know where to locate your luggage since the plane is quite full, notify one of the cabin crew as soon as possible before boarding ends. Have I ever encountered a passenger sitting next to the emergency exit, with a suitcase on the floor, not a backpack or a bag, a suitcase! There was no gap and he stood there waiting without saying anything.

It prevents us from having to look for a hole just before takeoff.

We are there to help and expedite boarding.

2- Not without my suitcase

When we get on the plane we think of our suitcase and we are one.

Therefore, we cannot separate from it. It seems they are going to take her away or she is going to leave by herself 'flying'.

If we reach our seat and there is no space just above our head. Do not worry! Surely there is some gap nearby. And if there isn't, you will have to place it where it is, before it is filled.

This is something that many people do not know: When you buy a plane ticket, the airlines are offering you a seat, with the possibility of carrying the luggage that each allows. But it is not guaranteed that your air suitcase or backpack will be placed just above your head.

Your luggage allowed will go on board, do not hesitate. But space in the cabin is limited.

3- Yes, the space in the cabin is limited

To give you an idea, if you make short and medium-haul flights you will often fly on the Boeing 737-800 airplane model. This plane fits 90 trolley suitcases. However, passenger capacity is double.

If each passenger, or most enters with a suitcase. Where do we put the rest?

It is clear that some will have to go down to the cellar, right?

If it's your turn, it's nothing personal. Someone has to touch him.

Each company has its procedure for this. But it is always done taking into account the forecast of passengers and luggage, and the capacity of the plane.

But I can assure you that ALL are looking for one thing: speed up boarding and leave on time.

If the plane is filled with luggage to be lowered, all this takes time. Labeling and transport and placement in the warehouse. The suitcases do not teleport!

4- Who likes a delay?

It is the reason why more passengers get angry. And they get angry at the crew or the company in general.

Believe me, there is no one more interested in the fact that there is no delay in the departure of a flight than a flight attendant.

Did you know that generally crew members only charge for flight hours? That is, a delay on land does not count as time flown. So it doesn't count as work, although you are working.

So why do these delays usually occur?

A plane does not circulate like a bus. Air traffic is much more complicated than you think. And it is those who exercise this air control who give permission for a flight to leave. Thus, there are time periods during which the plane can take off. If you do not leave at that time you will have to wait for the next one. And this can be a delay of even hours.

5- Will I arrive in time to take my flight online?

This is the question that we are asked the most times at the end of the day. The answer is I don't know. Unfortunately, we don't know when a flight is late or when it's going to board or how long it will take to get to the boarding gate.

If you are lucky that your flight connection is with the same airline, sometimes they give the information on the boarding gate shortly before landing. For you to go directly. But the normal thing is that it is not known in advance.

When you buy a flight with a stop at another place and subsequent connection, be it with the airline, I recommend that you choose a combination that gives you enough time to make the transfer. At least an hour and a half-scale between flight and flight.


Think that it is not only to reach the boarding gate. Every time you enter a country, even if it is only stopping, you have to go through a process: passport control, security control, check the boarding gate on the information screens and get there.

This all depends on the airport you arrive at, but have you been to airports such as Madrid, London or Moscow? Gigantescos that, if you do not know them, it will take you a while to locate you and maybe that boarding gate is a 10-minute walk.

6- The function of the flight attendant/ace. Coffee? Tea?

We cabin crew went through training of a few weeks before we could start flying. It is a long process that not everything ends up overcoming.

I can assure you that during that time we are not taught how the coffee maker works or how to catch the ice with the tongs.

They teach us to act in case something happens. Already, the plane is the safest means of transport in the world. But it is still an apparatus of tons at 30,000 feet.

We give a service of drinks and meals, yes. It is one of our tasks during the flight, but we are not there for that. Depending on the flight or the situation, the service may be interrupted or not even given.

But safety procedures will ALWAYS be followed.

7- Take my suitcase

Another widespread belief is that the crew is to place suitcases in the compartments.

But, if we raise yours, why don't we go up to everyone else's?

Each passenger must be responsible for the luggage they carry. If you can't handle it, you can ask to go in the hold for free!

We cannot be exposed to an accident at work for this reason.

During boarding, we are here to help with everything that is needed. We make 'Tetris' impossible with the gaps, we indicate your seat, we try to change seats to passengers who have been separated and we help passengers with reduced mobility, small children or some disability.

Everything that facilitates boarding and favors punctuality.

8- Geography class

If you ask a flight attendant where we are going or what those mountains are, surely his face is poker. It is not that we are bad at geography. The safest thing is that we really don't know where we fly.

Because we don't know exactly the route the pilots will follow.

We spend the flight with our heads on the tasks and procedures of each moment. We don't even remember looking out the window!

Many times we don’t know where we are going or from where we take off. Will you ever hear that the hostess is wrong to say the city in which you have landed or stop to think about it.

It is normal. After several flights, the geography is lost.

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