Organize camping ” What are the requirement”

Among the main types of camping in USA is the so-called "Organized Camping". In them are included the majority of the public familiar camper and not only the attractive and internal equipment make up this type of camping. Basic requirements attest to this classification and can be complemented by interesting internal attractions.

Organize your camping

Camping can be means of lodging, outdoor activity, tourism modality, hobby or simply lifestyle. But here we will treat camping as a lodging establishment, as well as hotels, hostels, resorts and hostels. The campsites should not be classified by "stars" as hotels, as not always the type of luxury or equipment is at stake. Different profiles of users can classify the level of importance of a camping for several different questions, for example situation in relation to Praia, if inserted in virgin nature, proximity of tourist centers or even the internal attractions that exist in them.

Swimming pool, court, sauna, children's monitors, gym, games room, sport fishing, zip line, restaurant ... None of this is part of the basic root of an ORGANIZED CAMPING but these can be equipped with many attractions. An organized camping differs basically from the other two types (wild and improvised) by some basic requirements: Delimitation, safety, rules of good conduct, restrooms, employee (s) and flat area. It can be complemented by electric power (not all), hot showers (except the Northeast) and parking.

These are the basic characteristics of a place that should be governed by a citizenship environment, even though there are no rules explicitly written, but that users (campers) coexist with cordiality and respect for the collective space. Security and delimitation does not necessarily need to be a fenced-in wall or grid depending on the location and level of security, but should always address the security of the users present. A flat and generally lawn floor is critical to receiving the tent and should possess acceptable drain and shadows. A structured bathroom is essential for any camping and cleaning should always be frequent. Sinks, toilets and bath tubs should be accompanied by hot showers except for hot spots all year round, such as in the northeast for example. An access concierge with a control representative is essential for the centralization of the rules and administration of the campsite. Electricity is also almost necessary but when the campsite is inserted in places with facilities. Camps organized within parks or even in locations without electricity are not considered for this issue. The same is true of parking, since there are places that are small or can not even access.

Among the organized campsites which have been growing in Brazil in recent years, are gaining strength those who offer collective grills and mainly community kitchens. It is very inviting the camper to have stove and refrigerator and even utensils like pans and cutlery to lighten the luggage. A collective TV room is also very attractive to campers. Finally, any and all luxury equipment that makes up the campsite will always be well-regarded and even decisive in the choice of the customer who will have to pay for the services, of course. Swimming pools, some heated, saunas, lakes, water sports, game rooms, gym, children's playgrounds and playgrounds, wireless internet, chalets or suites, restaurant, bar and even trades can make parts of campsites that are real clubs of field. On the beach, in the Sierra, in the dam or even near urban centers the organized camping is the one that has greater potential of growth in the tourist cerio and therefore the biggest representative of the branch for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the receptive tourism of lodging. Brazil still has a lot to grow in this direction.

Much more than the physical structure, camping is historically a friendly and affectionate environment. One learns from an early age to respect the space of the next one without walls or fences and mainly to take care of the equipment and collective spaces to always deliver to the next something positive, clean and functional. The childhood in the camping can also be constructive and unforgettable and the establishment has much to do with it all when offering and administering its structure.

It's not uncommon for you to be coming in or solving a problem without a quick "I can help?" Many are the campers who have been conquered by the activity precisely because of the solidarity of the people who share that space offering help, equipment, tools or even groceries that have been forgotten. Kindness generates kindness and this is a true maxim in this field.

Rules are imperative. Sound loud, mess, inappropriate behavior will only be welcome if the camping is specific for these purposes. Otherwise written rules, presented on arrival and collected through boards and management's interventions will always bring long life to the establishment and families will certainly return.

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