One Shoulder Swimsuits Review in 2021

Swimming is the one sport that most of us engage in. Many people either swim for the fun of it or exercise. Some are champion swimmers and compete in the Olympics. Others like me just know how to navigate the water without sinking to rock-bottom. Well, whether you fall into this category or not, you need a swimsuit to…swim. So, that is why I decided to share the different kinds and brands of swimsuits you will commonly find.

If you end up enjoying them, you can always whizz off to purchasing them. We are approaching the summer, so it is that time of the year we go to the beach!  There are various types of swimsuits online and in local stores for you to buy. The off-shoulder swimsuits, one-shoulder swimsuit, two-piece swimsuit, or even the one-piece swimsuits are all available at your disposal. So, dear swimmers, please do not wait for the sales period. Get your perfect swimsuit now!

Product Name



Almaree One-Shoulder Two-Piece Swimsuit

  • Material: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
  • Machine Washable
  • One Shoulder Design

Product 2


1 Piece

Product 3


1 Piece

Product 4


1 Piece

1. Almaree One-shoulder Two-piece Swimsuit

This one-piece swimsuit is an adjustable two-piece. Notwithstanding you have the choice to order your perfect fit, it still has adjustable straps to fit you snugly. Due to this, you will create a feminine and sweet look at the same time.

If you feel uncomfortable with the pads, you can easily remove them for comfort. It is the ideal suit for a sunny day at the pool or the beach - great to add to your collection of sexy swimsuits.

Did I mention that the bikini bottom is a high waist design? Well, glad to tell you that it is! In turn, you flaunt that hourglass shape as you sashay down the beach. Also, you remember those straps we talked about? They give the suit a ruched design turning it to a one-shoulder ruched swimsuit!

Thanks to its spandex and nylon fabric, the bikini is not transparent when wet. Its double layer gives it a sporty and fantastic look on your skin. You would not feel a thing when you put it on. The added scarf draws attention towards the features you want to flaunt, all depending on how you tighten it.

  • Removable pads
  • Comfortable touch to the skin
  • Adjustable tie straps for more fitting
  • High-waist bikini bottom hides private areas
  • Machine compatible
  • The coverage is small for busty ladies

2. Elapsy Women's Ruffle One Shoulder Tankini

As the name implies, this bathing suit has ruffles on its top, giving it that unique look. It is comfy due to a wire-free bra style. The ruffled one-shoulder swimsuit has an adjustable strap with padded support to offer your boobs excellent cushioning.

Although it is made with Spandex fabric, it is not advisable to wash it with a machine. Wash it with your hands in lukewarm water and let it dry outside to elongate the durability of the suit.

Wondering why it is called a Tankini? First of all, Tankini comes from the words bikini and a Tank top. The top of this suit looks like a tank top, and it is designed like a bikini. Hence, the name Tankini arose.

The best part about the Tankini swimsuit is that there is a broad range of sizes available for all to choose from. Whether you need a plus-size swimwear or not, this is a place I suggest you check.

  • Striking design and pattern
  • Wireless bra style
  • Variety sizes to accommodate all
  • It can't be washed in your washing machine
  • The ruffles are too thick
  • More suitable for young people
  • The skirt may be too short

3. SweatyRocks Women's Bathing Suits One Shoulder

Oh my days, where do I start from? I am so excited about this product! Where has it been all our lives? Ok, let me kick off by saying that this is not your regular one-piece swimsuit. With over forty (40) styles, it will take a critic to say no to all of them. Each style is different from the other either by color, pattern, or by cut-out design.

If you know that you don't want to lose your suit to the bin after the first use, then you have to dry clean with your hands. Don't be lazy, honey, because that is the only way to keep it sitting pretty in your closet.

Of course, by now you would already expect it to be snug and warm when you wear. Yes, you are correct! The fabric was carefully selected to make sure you have a good time in the pool or beach.

The straps of the suits are adjustable, so no need to worry about that. However, you might want to choose a size or two up to make sure it fits upon arrival.

  • Astonishing suit styles
  • Warm to the skin
  • Bright colors on the swimming suit
  • Adjustable bra straps for the suit
  • The size may not be the exact fit for you
  • Not washing machine compatible

4. CUPSHE One-Shoulder Bowknot One-Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE is a Californian swimwear company that produces one of the prettiest swimsuits. Today, they have blessed our eyes with this new, one-shoulder one-piece suit.

It has a cute adjustable bowknot to help you achieve that snug fit. Also, the bra style comes with full support to add more shape to your swimwear. Moreso, there is maximum bust coverage as opposed to the bottom part. Generally, all bra sizes from 30C to 40D are available.

When it comes to the material composition, I can say that it is quite good with 95% polyester fiber and 5% spandex.

Overall, I don't recommend you use your washing machine to clean it up to avoid damage and shrinkage. Also, do not use bleach and wash in cold water. After all this, you can proceed to hang it out to dry.

  • Beautiful color contrast
  • Bowknot at the end of the one-hand strap
  • Padded up a swimsuit in the boob region
  • Soft and comfortable for the pool
  • The swimwear is see-through when wet

5. FAFOFA One-Shoulder Two-Piece Swimsuit

So far down the trail, this the best two-piece swimsuit I have seen, and I am going to tell you why in the next few sentences.

It has a double one-shoulder design that lies neatly against your skin. The top provides maximum coverage to the boobs as well as the bottom. The top comes as a crop top, available in different colors like red, pink, lime green, army green, snakeskin, flower pattern as well as a matching bottom.

Although for busty ladies there, you need to order a size up so that the cup size fits you correctly. However, you don't need to think about the bottom because it is a high-waist pant.

Great news, ladies! It is doesn't become transparent after going in for a dip. Made with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, this bathing suit is sure to stick around for a while.

Talking about durability, you can't wash this with a machine too. Only hand service is allowed, plus, no bleaching too.

  • The cut-out design is attractive
  • High waist bottom provides maximum coverage
  • No little boobs at the side
  • Made with durable fabric
  • Closure style is pull up
  • You might need to order a size higher for busty ladies

6. CUPSHEWomen's One-shoulder Bikini

Once again, CUPSHE has given us more than one-piece swimsuits. This two-piece swimsuit or bikini has beautiful petal designs at the edges. Not to mention,  it has a hook closure to make sure the bikini top stays firm on your skin.

If you're wondering how to wash it – machine or hand? The answer is hand wash. Just soak it in a little bowl of soapy water and wash after 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and hang it outside to air dry.

Aside from the garment care, let's move to the available colors and sizes. It sizes start from extra small to double extra-large. So, you don't need to worry whether your size is available or not. Concerning the colors, it comes in various colors like; wine red, navy blue, blue, orange, deep yellow, yellow, and pink. You will find your taste here, ladies.

Although the range of sizes is broad for all, it is advisable to order a size up. For instance, if your bottom is a medium and your top is small, then order a medium set to fit your bottom.

  • Wavy edge design
  • The bikini top comes with a clasp
  • Very comfortable to the skin
  • You will need to order a size up for busty ladies

7. Caitefaso Tummy control Tankini

There is something spectacular about this two-piece swimsuit. First of all, it serves as a tummy control. What does that mean, you ask? It means that it hides any excess flab while giving you the sexy beach look. Additionally, it is made with chubby girls and mums in mind.

The elegant one-shoulder swimming suit is not only is it worn on the beach, but also in water polo, swimming, and surfing. It has a triangle bottom that creates a pretty outline. More so, you see, its one-hand strap is adjustable just to fit you and bring out your shape.

Finally, dry cleaning is by hand, after which you will line dry. Never bleach it under any condition so that the color doesn't fade.

  • Perfect style for chubby people
  • Unique one-hand style
  • Not machine-usable

8. Striped One-piece Swimwear

This striped one-piece swimwear has black and white stripes that will look good on just about anybody. It has explicitly come without wires so that your boobs will feel comfortable. Best of all, it doesn't show through when it is wet. Keep that privacy secured.

Dear ladies, the size of this product is about two sizes lower than the American size. So, if you are going for this, take care to order at least a size above your normal one.

If you are looking for something charming, I recommend you go for this. Its one-shoulder strap is endowed with ruffles that aren't too bulky or stiff. Most customers have complimented it by saying that it comes exactly like the image. There is nothing as good as reassurance.

  • The one-hand has a ruffle design
  • Non-bulky ruffles
  • You may be confused about which size to order

9. Avidlove One-shoulder two-piece swimsuit

I just love the ruffle on the one-piece top. It comes with a temporary strap that can be added for double reinforcement. If you have that photoshoot at a tropical beach, then this is the plug for you.

More so, it has the option of tying it into a bow at the back. The bikini bottom is double-layered to ensure you have fun in the water without discomfort. Also, the bikini bottom comes with an elastic band to help you adjust it to your original size.

Lastly, the manufacturers have succeeded in giving us maximum bottom coverage and durable bikini. According to satisfied customers, I give big thumbs up to this.

  • Absolute exact fit
  • Extra strap for reinforcement
  • Elastic waistband to give you comfort
  • Double-layered bottom to prevent sheering
  • The top may not be snug on you

10. AleumdrWomen's High-waist Two-piece swimsuit

This two-piece swimsuit is similar to the CUPSHE one-shoulder bikini, but they're a few things to point out. The closure here is a pull up while the CUPSHE bikini is a clasp. Also, this one has more excellent bottom coverage with its high waist design.

The high-waist swimsuit is designed with wavy edges to enhance the style. You could wear it to the pool, beach or cruise. Just like the previous bikini, there is an elastic waistband to sit on your waist without falling off.

Generally, it is a good buy at $23. You wouldn't feel any sort of discomfort as long as you order your size.

  • Maximum bottom coverage
  • Total comfort when worn to the pool 
  • Scalloped edges lift the appearance of the bikini
  • It may not be a perfect fit busty ladies


That's it, ladies! Thanks for zooming through this"min" review with me. I hope you found the one-shoulder swimsuit that you fell in love with. If not, then you can always check on of them out and explore from there. I suggest you check out the SWEATROCKS Bathing suit because of the many designs to choose from and the bright colors. Adios señoras!

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