How to make homemade Snowballs?

How to make snowballs for Christmas?

I want to make a Christmas snowball to decorate at home. I am looking for craft ideas to make glass balls with snow by recycling boats and other materials.

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Crafts to make Snowballs

Surely you already know our publication +200 Crafts and ornaments for Christmas, where we show you a lot of ideas to decorate the house during these holidays: DIY Christmas trees, crowns for the door, ornaments for the tree ... Below you can find the tutorials of one of the sections of this publication: snowballs.

With the ideas that we show you below, you can make homemade snowballs and decorate by recycling and reusing various materials such as canning cans, glass or plastic cups.

Snowballs with glass boats

Christmas snowballs are such a beautiful decorative element that has made many people collect them. It seems simple, but flipping a snowball and watching the flakes fall is magical. Something that you can also do in your own home, reusing canned glass jars.

Here are several ideas. You will see that some have stuck the decorative elements on the base of the boats, but we recommend that you do it on the lid, as it will be much easier

You will need:
  • A glass jar that closes well.
  • Artificial snowflakes, glitter, white plastic chips or pyrex pan crumbs for snow.
  • Plastic character and/or a small manger from the manger or any other decorative element.
  • Plastic plug or a piece of cork where the character that will be attached to the base should be glued.
  • Strong glue (impact glue) or, preferably, a hot silicone gun.
  •  Water, preferably distilled or boiled and allowed to cool.

Instructions: Below you can see a video tutorial on how to make homemade snowballs. Keep in mind that you can replace some of the materials that appear with the ones we have cited in the necessary materials section

Below you can see an alternative Snowball, which is not intended to "turn around", it is this snowball where a tree has been attached to a toy car, and which has in turn stuck in a glass jar with hot silicone.

Snowballs made with cups

Another very original and easy to do option is that you make the craft with glass or plastic cups. These glasses will not carry water, but they are also very beautiful, and above all, different. Here are several ideas.

Snowballs reusing other containers

You can also make another type of snowballs by reusing vessels, jugs, and other glass or plastic containers that you can fill with artificial snow and other decorative elements:

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