How to make a swing with a canopy to give your own hands

In the afternoon it is very sunny in my area, and sometimes I feel hidden in the shade and relax with a glass of cool Morse. I remembered that in the garage there was a scanned profile left after repair, I decided to put things in the case and made up my own hands covered swings.

canopy swing

I drew the sketch and the diagram  welded from the profile of the two side posts in form triangles. I put them vertically and connected to each other: two lower crossroads 200 cm and upwards - one. To the lower ends of the posts welded rectangular tiles for stability.

Of the same material, the rectangular roof frame is welded in size 200x 90 cm. Attach it to the carrier junction reinforced corner support of sheet thickness 4 mm.

The frame-based cemented transverse "roof beams" from the freeboard section 14x 5 cm and attached to them with screws 10 cm wide with a 1 cm gap.

In the future, I plan to cover the roof with a transparent polycarbonate.

Just like a handy sofa from a broken bench, it gave me a friend. The lower ends of the supporting bars sideways tighten the screw with large bolts and the screw ring is mounted  in an upper frame bar.

He hung a rocking chair with cables d 12 mm.

The metal frame was ground and coated with a double layer of black paint for outdoor work. The wooden parts on the ceiling and rocking chair were treated with an antiseptic and applied two layers of dark yacht lacquer.

 Covered swings protect perfectly from today's sun and are very popular with children.

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