How to make a sleeping pads in the home. tips and trics

A sleeping pads provide a camper camps for cold weather camping which essential elements. We should made a sleeping pad are looking good and durable. A homemade sleeping pad made a foam that absorb moisture and resists compression. The sleeping pads made of durable, flexible and resilient material. If you are not interested for buy the products your local outdoor market you can buy this essential metal and you can try homemade. And we told you some tips here are making one. But I suggested that the some company products are so durable, flexible and comfortable. Writhing down the how can make a camping sleeping pad.

Sleeping pads
Your essential element:

1. ½ inch, ¼-inch or 1-inch thick PVC-NBR cell foam such as ensolite or gymnastic rubber.

2. Sharp Scissors

3. Measuring tape

4. White chalk

5. Strap

Step 1:

 First you buying a PVC-NBR closed cell foam. It may be able to find in a local market are hardware store. If you can’t find any local hardware store you can buying online source. I recommended that you will likely have better luck if you buying form online store. (See resources you can buy a sleeping pads).

Step 2: 

Then determine what you are using your sleeping pads. If you used backpackers you need smallest, lightest and ¼ to 1/2 –inch thick PVC-NBR material. Three quarter length pads are better than comfortable as full length pads which keep your feet as warm. When a backpacker buying a sleeping pad they determine warm feet. But maximum comfort are 1-inch thickness pad will be sufficiently comfy and warm. If you trip the winter camping and backpacking you should use to a 2-inch pad. Because this pad are more than warm the 1-inch pad. It is better comfortable a backpacker and campers.

Step 3: 

Measure your piece of cell foam pad. When you cutting you closed cell foam pad you use white chalk and measure tape to draw lines on the foam. If you cutting a full length pad are determine your size. If you are length fixed and cutting the pad where your hand and feet stay on the pad. Three quarter length pads should be around 5/6 feet long depending on how you long. Then you cut the cell foam pad off around the knee area.

Step 4:

Now you can using scissors or a sharp razor cutting along the white chalk line. Which the pad are better packing and divide your pad into narrow section. The pad join the section with duct tape. You taping one side and pieces join while the pieces are folded.

Step 5: 

Then you buying a polyester cloth and put wear the polyester cover. Roll or fold up your new sleeping foam pad.

You can See this Video......

Most of the backpackers and campers are used the online store cell pads. Some off company are made the foam pad are so durable, comfortable and flexible. The 80% campers are used foam pad are buying on amazon. This pad are very longest and comfortable and life time warranty. The price are so cheap and carry easy.

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