How to make a family swing yourself | Step-by-Step instruction

The production of family fluctuations from the tree takes place in several stages. It is advisable to choose a good place for their location and make an accurate calculation of the necessary materials.

This will extend the life expectancy considerably and provide a level playing field.

On your own you can paint the swing in the right color or install a small canopy. Everything depends on the imagination and desire.

After all, you can safely call your relatives and friends and enjoy the work done.

More clearly, the creation of woodwinds with their own hands is shown in this video instruction:

Woodwinds – an important element in the suburban area. Decoration for the landscape while relaxing. Our company is the manufacturer of wooden floors for summer cottages. We cooperate without intermediaries to better understand our customer. With us it is easy to choose which variant of the order anyway. You can buy the product in a prefabricated form or buy a kit for self-assembly.

Woodwinds for dachas are performed in any style and shape, according to the parameters according to the buyer’s application with the parameters of the application. The environment of the additional building can be with the help of clubs, decorative benches. We accept the order for closed and open types of swings. The visor in the closed version is made of a hard coating – corrugated cardboard or with a soft roof.

Decoration is made of decorative elements made of natural materials – processed nuts, roots, decorative stumps. The seat can be fastened with chain or belt. Swings should not only be comfortable, but practical, earn many seasons for the enjoyment of the hosts and guests. The material from which construction is carried out directly affects the durability of the structure. The foundation is always the strongest breed. Material for boards is chosen by the customer. If he doubts the choice, our specialists will tell you about each type of wood.

Without affecting the overall design, the wooden body   very organically fits into any shape. What kind of tree is right for you, you will learn for a short review.

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