How to clean a foam mattress

When choosing a good mattress, you should not only consider the price or the characteristics, but also its maintenance. Knowing how to aerate and clean our rest equipment will help to extend its useful life and that is why at Venta de Mattresses we explain how to clean a foam mattress, so you can take care of it properly and avoid it spoiling before your time.

How to clean a foam mattress

What do I need to clean a foam mattress?

To maintain your mattress you will need:

  • Soft sponge
  • Hairdryer
  • Dry cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Orange or lemon peel

Steps to clean a foam mattress

Before starting to clean a foam mattress, several considerations must be kept in mind:

  • Ideally, apply to the water with a sprinkler. Foam mattresses can’t get so wet because they could accumulate moisture. A sprayer applies the water in minimum quantities and you also make sure to clean only the affected area.
  • A prior step to cleaning the mattress consists of lifting it and placing it in a vertical position, if possible resting on the wall. This way you make sure to check the entire mattress completely and verify which areas are more problematic. This way you can confirm or rule out the presence of dust, spots, spills or bad odors.
  • Remove all bedding. In the case of stains or spills, sometimes the bedding is responsible for absorbing them and the mattress is intact, but this can only be confirmed when you take it off.

Once you have done the above, you can begin to clean your foam mattress, as the case may be:

Basic cleaning:

With the mattress in a vertical position, take the dry cloth and pass it all over the mattress, thus eliminating the layer of dust that may be accumulated on the surface of it. If you want to avoid the proliferation of mites or odors, apply baking soda on a brush and then brush the mattress.

If the mattress has no stains or spills, the cleaning ends leaving the mattress outdoors, it can be near a window or balcony to ventilate. You can do this at least once a month.

Deep cleaning:

Mix one tablespoon of liquid soap in one liter of water. Apply the mixture with the spray and pass the sponge on the surface of the mattress with circular movements and without applying much pressure, thus preventing water from penetrating the deeper layers of the foam. When finished, let the mattress dry in the open air. If you are in a closed space or the weather does not help, use a hair dryer, but do not apply heat directly on the mattress, leave a prudent distance.

How to clean a foam mattress with spots

It is very simple. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and apply with the sprayer on the stain. Wait five minutes and use the sponge to try to remove or diminish the stain as much as possible. Do not forget to rub with the sponge gently because if you do it with a lot of force not only will water enter the mattress, you can also accentuate the stain.

How to clean a foam mattress with spills

This is perhaps the only case in which you do not need to clean a vertical foam mattress, since the idea is to clean up the spill as soon as it happens, without losing time.

Take a dry cloth and place it on the stain giving soft blows so that the spilled liquid is absorbed by the cloth. In this case, do not rub to not print everything. Ventilate the mattress, either outdoors, with a fan or with a hairdryer. But remember, the hot air can’t come into direct contact with the mattress, so you should use it keeping some distance.

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