How To Choose The Best Swimsuit in 2020

If this weekend you are going to go to a beach or spa, and you just realized that you do not have a swimsuit, do not worry, we tell you how to choose the best swimsuit right one according to your body type, it does not matter if you have a few kilos the rest; The goal is that you feel comfortable and help you balance your body.

When buying a swimsuit, you should not only look at the colors or the price but on what silhouette your body type will favor, because although the model looks spectacular that bikini you are dying to buy, maybe not It is right for you because of the width of your shoulders or your hip.

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How to choose the best swimsuit

This may seem like a redundancy, but it is a reality: it is important to set aside complexes and realize that if a garment makes you feel beautiful, safe or special, you will be. Even if that garment is not the most suitable for your figure.

However, there are some tricks to highlight your strengths. If you know your body well, you can use these tricks to decide which type of swimsuit or bikini suits you best. Do you have a lot or a little chest? How is your back Do you have a marked waist? Are your hips wide? Take advantage of what you see in the mirror and try to enhance it with your bathing clothes.

Chest issue

The chest is one of the parts of your body that stands out most in summer, either in a bikini or in a swimsuit.  If you have little chest and want to highlight it, look for bikinis and swimsuits with a sweetheart neckline and halter that enhance it. The thin strap will fit you well, and the foam cups (fixed or remove and put on) can be of great help.

If you have a lot of chests and prefer to hide it, discard triangle bikinis or those without braces. Look for upper parts that are bra type: contour and wide strap for good support, hoops, wide or adjustable cups. Also, try whole swimsuits that have a hoop or reinforcement under the chest. Try to avoid light colors in the plain.

With or without waist

If you are one of those who do not have a very marked waist but rather straight, try two pieces with frills or ornaments both at the top and at the bottom: this is how the hip stands out and the waist is stylized. If in addition to your waist you have a little gut that you want to hide, try the panties with a high waist or the swimsuits of a piece that perfect design, comfortable, if possible in all smooth and dark. If on the contrary, you have a marked waist, take advantage of it: the wasp waist suits any bikini or swimsuit in plain and printed colors. Here are some options that are a trend in swimsuits.

Touch of hips

The hip is another part of your body that influences when choosing a swimsuit. If you have a small hip and would like to highlight it, opt for two pieces that are tied to the hip to add volume, or that have ornaments such as fringes or flowers.

If you have a wide hip or a jerking butt, forget about the tall panties: even if you feel more “covered”, the fabric does not hide but attracts attention. You may not believe it, but in these cases, small panties are your best option. You can also opt for one-piece swimsuits, in plain colors that stylize your figure.

Depends on the height

If you are a small woman, we recommend that you wear a full-length swimsuit with a V-neck or pronounced both in front and behind and if possible with a high cut on the leg. You can use light colors, but we recommend that they be in plain tones.

If you are taller than average, your need best option is a two-piece bikini that allow your body. If your body is rather athletic and your back is wide, forget about sports swimsuits and low-waisted panties. A good ally will be culottes. Here are some options for the bikinis that are worn this season.

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