How to choose a camping sleeping pads and types of sleeping pads

Once upon a time my best friend Marchel and me when we went camping. But we have no preparation for camping. When it comes to camping we need some items are essential for having a good time. When the night came, we necessary sleeping pad for sleeping in the night. I and my friend go to a store for buying a sleeping pad and buy two sleeping pads. When we used sleeping pads, there are facing some problem. These sleeping pads are a primary cause of many sleepless nights while camping.

How to choose a camping sleeping pads

Then, when back in the home from camping and we research some sleeping pads. There is some major cause for buying a sleeping pad. We recommended three kinds of sleeping pads for buying.

Using a poor quality sleeping pad are not use a long time. And you can not be comfortable while camping. The sleeping pads provide extra padding, help insulate you from the cold and hard ground. The sleeping pads are different types, size, shapes and you can choose the brand you like. But you confused which camping sleeping pad is the best for you?

Here are some things to consider for choosing the sleeping pad:

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    There are foam pads, air mattresses, self-inflating pads, manually inflated pads and closed cell foam pads find out what is the best?
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    Learn how to measure R-value insulation connects to staying warm.
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    Depending on your sleeping style, your body shape and your types of camping, you may want to consider these options.

Sleeping pad types:

There are main 4 types of sleeping pads to choose from Air mattresses, inflatable insulated, self-inflating sleeping pads and closed-cell foam pads. Now you can choose the one that here for your camping, backpacking, bike touring and other adventure plans.

Self-inflating sleeping pads

For years, backpackers and campers have turned to self-inflating sleeping pads kips comfy and warm throughout the night. These self-inflating sleeping pads are made with advanced foam technology. These sleeping pads can be rolled compactly for easy carrying and offer comfortable night sleeping.

 The Therm-a-rest prolite is a one of the best sleeping pads for campers and backpacking, mountaineering, winter camping and any other adventure. This sleeping pads works by compactly wrapping the foam technology in the water proof shell. Keep in mind, this foam pad are more expensive pads on the market. One the other hand, any inflating piece of gear, ripping and tearing any time but is uncommon when you proper care.

Closed-cell foam pads

The closed-cell foam pads is another highly popular model. Which does not any require inflation at all. It is typically rolled compactly. The other models fold accordion style, which are difficult packing. This sleeping pads are also more durable and lighter. This pads usually weightless than a pound, which making them great backpacking trips.

Remember that, when you gain in lightness and durability, you may loss comfort and insulation. The cell foam pads are not too thick, so the pads provide less comfort for your sleep. When your sleeping pads are thick too, your cold ground are more comfortable for more warm and keep it warm your body.

Now you can choices if you are looking for an affordable sleeping pads to use for years to come. As a bonus you can trim these pad easily to fit your body dimensions.

Manually inflated sleeping pads

Manually inflated sleeping pads provide many of the some benefits. While you could use high manually inflated sleeping pads for cold conditions. It use three season for better conditions. It gives us warm and good night sleeping. But it is very expensive.

The pads are excellent for backpacking on the long distances and this pads compressed to save space. This pads cushion of air makes for a very comfortable sleep. You remember that these pads are punctures which you built a hard ground.

Air mattresses

Air mattresses are the popular sleeping pads for car camping. There are some camping, such as car camping, family camping, bike camping and spend some time by the lake camping. You can’t discuss for the sleeping pads. Most comfortable air mattress sleeping pads.

Most often, this sleeping pads must be inflated using manual pump or electric pump. It save a summer camping trip. These pads are comfortable, available size and you can customize the firm by adding or removing air. The best for car camping in warm weather, since they do not retain a lot of heat.

Women specific sleeping pads

Men and women sleeping pads are same but in addition to having a smaller dimensions sleeping pads have extra insulation at the hips and feet.


The sleeping pads common size is 183x51cm. It is a good size for most adults. But everyone are not same. These sleeping pads can come in many size and shapes for different camping style and body.

Which is the best?

The most of the sleeping pads are common types of sleeping pads. Now you check and look it and you should choose are looking great.

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