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No one doubts the benefits of camping, how well the children spend, what they learn and mature during summer. But not all children are prepared to separate themselves from their parents or their routines so drastically.  In this article, we will share our experience about camping with children.

Camping With Children

Tips For Camping With Children: Experts Opinion

Miriam Sanchez, a child psychologist explains that “when a child is extremely shy or because of various circumstances he is very attached to his parents, we should not force him. Sometimes we think that children have to break the cord with their mothers, but not always in the same rhythm”.


The psychologist explains that “the fact that his brothers have gone should never condition. Each person has their character and their preferences and what one is passionate about, another person can be horrified.


Age is also a factor to consider

Although there are children very released and who enjoy every time, you can not generalize. The youngest can start with urban camps that don’t involve sleeping outside the home if they do not want to.


There are cases in which the way of being no longer intervenes, notes Sanchez: “If they have just gone through a traumatic experience, be it a separation, a death or an illness, the children should not be forced to separate from their children. And in the case of the arrival of a little brother, one must be very careful. The little one can feel displaced and even think that they want to” remove him from the middle “.


Final Verdict

“In short,” concludes the expert, “what you have to do is listen to what the child has to say because if the last word is always given to parents, children should express what frightens them or do not like them”.

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