The Top 10 of the Basic Equipment for Camping

Going camping is an exciting, captivating, fun and economic activity. In fact, this is the reach of anyone who seeks an approach to nature and an escape from daily stress. However, it’s not just about grabbing a tent and going to a remote place in the Himalayas, no, it’s not like that. Although it is basically the essence of the “camping” approach to nature, we must plan our trip, in addition to having at hand the basic equipment and here at Mundo Extremo we will teach you how to do it. You may read this article to know about camping equipment list.



Yes, we already know that it is obvious, logical – I must bring enough water to go camping – but it is something that campers often forget. If you plan to go camping you should bring enough drinking water for your trip, remember that you are not in a survival program Discovery Channel is a requirement to stay hydrated constantly. Now – How much should I carry? – Everything depends on the place where you plan to camp and the days dedicated to the activity, but at least for this type of camping, you must consume two liters of drinking water per day.


You need to follow the path, but to do it, we need to see it, is not it? That’s where the flashlights come into play, these will obviously allow us to follow the path for campers, our eyes will be when the sun goes down. If you plan to take walks at night, we recommend a headlamp, like this, very practical for this task.

First aid kit

That’s right, no, you should not forget it always takes you with you when you go camping your first-aid kit, we will never know when a jaguar can attack us and a band-aid would make the difference between living or dying. If the jaguar is exaggerated, but you should always be prepared.


Come on, let’s say it to go camping we will need a quality tent, with stakes and on a roof. Do not forget before going out to your crossing to check the condition of the same, the operation of the closures and the condition of the seams. Also, make sure the equipment is complete.


A camper, is not a camper without his compass, do not lose your north and when you go camping, pack your compass.


A multipurpose knife is to the man what the bronzed spray is to Donald Trump, something inseparable. Tools like the Leatherman – Surge undoubtedly will take the campers out of trouble more than once. Especially in EVERYTHING, chop, accommodate, adjust and others.

Sleeping bag

The comfort and rest are necessary after a day of hiking in nature and as luckily or unfortunately as the case may be, we can not even stay in a hotel when going camping, a sleeping bag or inflatable mattress would be equivalent to a five-star hotel in the modern world that will allow us to recover our strength.


You must pack the necessary food for the trip. Especially non-perishable foods: Canned food, biscuits, cereals, a Kaq’ik (Do not even think about it) to keep the necessary calorie intake.

Good footwear

Last but not least to go camping is the use of good footwear. Firstly, because you will travel considerable distances in nature and it is not the same to walk with boards on your feet, then with sports shoes. This way we avoid blisters or pains in the extremities.

You, tell us Do you think that a Kaq’ik is a basic equipment in the journey of a camper?


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