Best Role Dice | Role Playing games in 2021

On this guide, you will know everything you need about the best role dice. What is role dice? a dice is an object that has a polyhedral shape, its faces as a general rule is 6. The most common dice are numbered in this way with points from 1 to 6.

What is the meaning of the dice? The dice are a way of predicting what will happen to us during the game since depending on the number we get, one thing or another will happen to us.

In life as in games, the luck factor plays a quite important role, although it is not advisable to depend on luck, it is recommended to have skill when playing the game.

The dice are also associated with taking certain risks in a game, although the result is not always positive as we expect.

Top 10 best role dice buying guide and reviews in 2021

1. Best D&D role dice: CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set with black Pouches

CiaraQ polyhedral dice set comes in 6 different types of styles that including d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, providing multiple choices for playing various applications.

The role dice set is printed with color numbers on each surface that you can easy to reading and make geometry shapes that can be easily recognized.

CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set with black Pouches

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This set comes with a velvet storage bag, convenient for you to store these dices, and keep them in place to avoid missing. The D and D dice are fit for role-playing games, board games, card games, and math learning games that are most intelligence development games. This game great for parties, class, camping, and other occasions.

If you receive any defective dice or missing on please contact us for replacement.

Key to features:

  1. 5 set polyhedral dices set
  2. Double colors polyhedral dice set
  3. Polyhedral acrylic dices have golden color that easy to read
  4. The game dice are made from acrylic durable and lightweight
  5. Missing and defective dice, contact us for replacement

2. Best value dice sets: SmartDealsPro 5 x 7-die Double-colors Polyhedral Dice sets

If you are looking at 5 set color dices, the smartDealsPro set is one of them that comes with 5 pouches.

This single 7-die set series contains one d20, one d12, one d8, one d6, one d4 and two d10.

All dices are made of acrylic materials that are very durable, hard-wearing, and waterproof.

SmartDealsPro 5 x 7-die Double-colors Polyhedral Dice

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This dices lettering golden color that is looking clear and on each surface for easy to reading. The SmartdealsPro perfect for table games, MTG, RPG, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Heroscape, Dungeons and dragons, savage world and math teaching.

Key to features:

  1. 5 x 7 Die dice set with 5 small pouches
  2. Made of acrylic materials that are durable and hardwearing
  3. Easy to read for golden numbers
  4. Perfect for table games
  5. 30 days money-back guarantee

3. Best Love Dice sets: QMAY DND 42 Pieces Polyhedral Dice

The QMAY 42 pieces DND dices sets comes with 6 two-color series with 6 sets of 7 die dice with six small pouches.

This dice contains two d 10, one d20, one d12, one d 8, one d6 and one d4. The QMAY dice are gold pattern on the bag is gold printed.

The bag contains dice easily and make the DND dice more high-end, gives more collection value and grade.

QMAY DND 42 Pieces Polyhedral Dice

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The dice pattern matches the background and golden color printed each on the side that will a favorite of DND fans. This manufacturer gives you a free replacement without return. If you receive missing or defective dice sets, you tell us exactly what color or what shape is missing so that you can ship your replacement anyway.

Key to features:

  1. Free replacement without return within 48 days
  2. Made of acrylic materials that are durable and hardwearing
  3. Sets of 6 x 7 dices with 6 small pouches
  4. Easy to read golden numbers
  5. Perfect for table games, board games and school supplies

4. Best metal Dice set: Haxtec Antique Iron DND Metal Dice Set

Haxtec antique metal dice are quality polyhedral metal dice for playing games like dungeons and dragons. They have thousands of gaming dice that are looking gorgeous and superb quality. Most people unlike traditional plastic dice, because these are heavy, durable and novel. According to sales history, most of the customer like tried metal dice.

The haxtec has been making metal dice since 2017 that comes with a team of experienced designers and makers. It gives us material safety, craftsmanship and quality control. This dice made only environmental materials are used and all the materials passed for safety construction.

Haxtec Antique Iron DND Metal Dice

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This metal dice comes that offer a variety of dice with different color and different effects like as solid, translucent enamels, antique looks, rainbow numbers and mixed colors that are heat-sensitive enamels and more.

Key to features:

  1. Complete metal DND dice set
  2. Heavy-duty and easy to reading
  3. Burnishef blacksmith craft style for a classic look
  4. Multi-purposes used for tabletop RPG games
  5. 30 days money-back guarantee for any reason

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5. Best dice set: Assorted Polyhedral Dice set with Black Drawstring Bag

Assorted polyhedral dice set comes with 5 bright colors like black, blue and purple, white and black, blue and gold, red and black.

The numbering the letter printing pearled sheen, gold, white and red. All the dice comes with a black drawstring bag which stores your dice and the bag measures 3.5 x 6 “ and can hold up to around 100 dice easily.

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This dice perfect and high-quality polyhedral dice set for used various board games, RPG, MTG and teaching project. This dice set contains one d4, one d6, one d8, one d10, one d12, one d20 and one d% dice. These are made of acrylic metals, easy to roll and hard to damage and good polishing. Assorted polyhedral dice are very durable and interesting for desktop games and customize your own DND dice game.

Key to features:

  1. All dice comes in 5 bright colors
  2. A big black drawstring flannel pouch to store your dice
  3. Perfect for polyhedral dice
  4. Made of acrylic metals
  5. Easy to roll and hard to damage with good polishing

What types of dice will you find?

In our magic card store, it is evident that we are going to need dice to be able to play the games, so we are going to tell you what types of dice are usually found when playing the games.

  1. Dubbing dice set
  2. Dice set for special games
  3. Best Roller Dice
  4. Take two dice
  5. Best round dice
  6. Crystal dice set
  7. Rainbow Dice

In our case we are going to use several types of dice, the most common are those that are composed of a maximum of 30 faces, that is, we can also play 6-sided, 20-sided dice, but it is recommended to play magic a maximum of 30 faces.

In magic, they are also played with dice that contain + 6 + 6 counters, which is why this type of dice is highly recommended to add counters to creatures.

Where to buy dice to play magic?

This question seems simple, but for some people, it is not so simple.

The most common thing is to find dice in different stores, you can buy this type of product in large stores or in a simple store.

But as I have said, if you are looking to play magic, you are going to need some specific dice, and I am not just talking about the 6-sided dice of a lifetime.

It is also very evident that you can acquire this type of product online and not only in person, in fact, but you are also more likely to find the type of giving you are looking for online.

Since to find the dice you are looking for in a physical way you will have to move.

And also count on the luck of the dice you are looking for.

In this store you will find the best dice for magic cards, that is why we are going to show you several of the specialized models for this type of game.

If you are one of those who prefer to have colored dice, we also have them.

The best role-playing dice to play magic the gathering

It is clear that there are no dice that are good and dice that are bad.

Set of 7 polyhedral dice made of metal

High quality set with seven polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100). The dice are made of a supreme metal.

Made of the best material, cast into ornate numbers, they are top-notch sets for any role-playing and board game

Universal and usable in all role-playing and board games (such as Pathfinder, DnD 5E, etc.). It will work well with all RPGs you play. In addition, metallic adherence guarantees unique immersion.

Q WORKSHOP dice manufactured in Poland, European Union. This set belongs to one of our metal dice products. You can find them in multiple versions.

24 black and white counting dice for Magic the gathering board games

Easy to read: each dice tile is approx. 16mm / 0.63in in diameter, which is larger than standard dice (12mm / 0.47in diameter), so the numbers on each side are clear enough for you to read and verify

Accessory Bag: This dice pack is equipped with a dice bag, convenient for you to store and carry these dice wherever you want, no need to worry about losing.

Proper Quantity: Comes with 24 pieces of dice counters, including 12 pieces of white positive dice counter and 12 pieces of black negative dice counter, a good combination to satisfy your game using or replacing.

Durable and Stable Material: These small dice counters are made of quality polyresin which is durable and reusable, not easy to break, featuring a smooth and cool surface, it can serve you for a long time.

Best role-playing dice games and life counters

Dice and life counters are what you need for board games. Because in this way you will be able to take greater control of the game. Since in most you will need life counters, strength and defense point counters.

For example, you will need dice for role-playing games like The Magic: Gathering and these can be used to add points of force, the resistance of your creatures, count the lives of your Planeswalker, your points of life.

So don’t keep stealing dice from your grandfather’s Parcheesi to have them during your game of Magic. You don’t have to use giant ones for these games either. Take a look and buy the best that you will find all over the internet for board and card games.

Is it necessary to use a dice game in a card game?

You really don’t need to use a dice game in your card game. But it makes your life a lot easier for an entire game. Since if you have a deck that allows you to add life or strength points to your creatures, you can get to discount. And that can completely alter the end result of the game.

And it is not only for you, but to avoid conflicts with your rival. Having a good game can clear any doubts about your creature’s score or power points.

Keeping the accounts with a notebook, or in a more visual way with some counters will make your life much easier during the game, you will be able to give a faithful and serious image to your rivals.

How many custom counters do I need?

This is relative and the number of cards or abilities that allow you to put counters on your creatures on the table will come into play.

For example, if you have one that each time your creature attacks creates counters on the weakest creature on the battlefield, you will need 1 die for each creature you can benefit.

We always recommend having a couple of health counters and 5-6 creature counters. Because if you need them, you will have plenty. It can always be the case that a specific deck needs more dice due to the fact that it is a more complex deck and has more options and conditions.

For those people, the most likely thing is that they are already using all these counters in their games since they know what there is.

What types of dice can I use in my games?

You could even use a game of dice from Ludo, poker … But the best thing is to use rare role counters. In this way, you give a professional image and they will respect you more because you will impose fear.

The counters of life are the most used since without lives, there is no match. Therefore, the most important thing is to have good control over the lives that you and your rival have left. This way you will avoid many problems.

Where to buy the best dice?

In our store, you can find all kinds of dice. You can buy from blank dice, loose dice, or even double dice.

We also sell an Amazon dice pack that is really cheap.

Counters for Magic

Among the many card games in which you will need dice or life counters, there is the game of Magic. This game, already a classic in the world of board games, it is very useful to have dice in order to play properly.

There are many enchantments, passive abilities … that if you apply them in the game you will have to keep a good set of accounts, especially so as not to make mistakes that could harm you or your rival.

Using dice in Magic will help you have a better user experience, making the game more visual and entertaining for the eyes, avoiding unpleasant experiences.

Also buy some other accessories that we have, such as a Deck Box, a collectible card album, a neoprene card mat or card sleeves.

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