Top 15 Best camping kettle | 15 Amazing camping coffee makers all update in 2021

Nowadays lots of people like to go for camping, you may also like to go for camping(me as well, I love it)!! When you decide to go for camping, you may need some equipment such as camping pads, camping bags, camping mess kit, camping folding chair, camping swing, and camping kettle, etc. This is important equipment for every campers & hikers as well.

You may think selecting a camping kettle is an easy task, but I promise you it will be a hard task for you to select the best camping kettle! Because there are thousands of kettle available on the market. Some kettle is working good & long-lasting, on the other hand, some of them are not well in quality & the are not long-lastibest comping kettle

Don’t be worry!! We’re here to help you out on Finding the best products. We spent more than 10 days to select the top-rated best 15 camping kettle for you & now we provide you this review and buying guide. So, if you’re searching for a high-quality kettle, Please read the full content and pick one kettle from our list. We promise you, these products will never disappoint you!!

Our top 5 best camping kettle

  1. Stanley Camp 24oz Cook Set
  2. Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle
  3. Primula PTK-6130 Catalina Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle
  4. Winterial Camping Cookware
  5. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 1 Quart Tea Kettle

Top 15 camping kettles| Recommend – Review & Guide

Since there are many good products on the market. We considered that undecided customers helpful for selection the products. So without further due, the best kettles showcased below.



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Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water KettleEsbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Price
Trangia Aluminum KettleTrangia Aluminum Kettle Price
Uniox Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V Electric KettleUniox Car Cigarette Lighter Price
Stanley Camp 24oz Cook SetStanley Camp 24oz Cook Set Price
Granite Ware Coffee, Tea, Water Boiler- 3 QuartsGranite Ware Coffee Price
GSI outdoors Halulite tea kettleGSI Outdoors Halulite Price
Stansport aluminum percolator coffee pot, 9 cups kettleStansport Aluminum Percolator Price
camping kettleOuterEQ 0.8L Camping Price
best comping kettleWinterial Camping Cookware Price
Dltsli portable silicone outdoor camping kettleDltsli Portable Silicone Price
Docooler ultralight camping water kettleDocooler Ultralight Price
Level one collapsible silicone outdoor camping kettleLevel One Collapsible Silicone Price
Optimus terra kettleOptimus Terra Kettle Price
GSI Outdoors red small tea kettleGSI Outdoors Red Small Price
Wealers outdoor portable camping silicone kettleWealers Outdoor Portable Price

1. Best overall camping kettle: Esbit Hard anodized aluminum water kettle 

Esbit hard anodized aluminum water kettle is made from lightweight, hard anodized aluminum which provide the maximum power weighting to much. These kettle contains lid and hanged gripe.The kettle is built-in heat exchanger is very suitable for stove quality. These kettle sturdy construction designs are very large and large temperatures without melting or burning. It will provide the maximum temperatures any time and give as 1400ml water or other beverage.

Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle

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When most of the people purchases the product were pleased to check the items quality and reliable design which campfire without melting or burning. In other hands, when you want to enjoy a good old campfire and drink your favorite beverage or hot tea, this time Esbit anodized aluminum kettle is the right option for you.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and hard anodized design.
  • Folding handle for compact design.
  • Heat quickly and easily
  • Contains a lid and hinged grips.

What we didn’t liked

  • Small capacity.

2. Best aluminum kettle: Trangia aluminum Kettle 

Trangia aluminum kettle comes in three different sizes to fit two different stove series from the same brand. When you can buying the kettle it capacity is the 60ml container, 900ml container and 1400ml that depending on your family needs.

The Trangia aluminum kettle is a lightweight product which made of top quality aluminum that increased any beverage or water temperatures without melting or burning.

Trangia Aluminum Kettle

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When you going to camping or backpacking small group or couple you can use the 600ml kettle and if you can be used for family, you should buy a 900ml capacity kettle. Now you can enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee in the morning.Thanks for you to choose a lightweight design and reduced dimensions. These kettles you able to carry around this with you everywhere in your backpack or travel bag. With every trip, you can make a appreciate moment of this good quality aluminum kettle and heat water. So you can enjoy this moment your beloved the hot beverage any travel.

When a customers who purchased the product were extremely plased for quality and competitive price is low for you. This kettle is eye catching.

What We Liked

  • Heat quickly and easily.
  • Made by top quality aluminum.
  • No harmful chemical.
  • Rust-proof material.
  • Low competitive price.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Handle made by silicone since it gets hot.
  • One person camping kettle.

3. Best electric camping kettle: Uniox car cigarette lighter DC12V electric kettle

The electric kettle is good for car camping. It is lightweight and comfort of your car. If you want to prepare a delicious beverage, it is the perfect kettle. These kettle are made from high quality stainless steel and food grade silicone. These kettle can be purchased in three different colors such as blue, silver and red. You can choose one of them.It is a wonderful and convenient kettle because you can boil water directly in your car. These kettle made specifically design which prolongs the hot content inside but outside are cold. The great feature the digital temperature display. Now you can make sure you always boil water perfect temperature while you on the go camping.

Uniox Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V Electric Kettle

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In addition, keep warm customize set the perfect temperature you wish your water for a long time. This kettle overall cup capacity is 348ml. The tea kettle will reach the maximum boil water temperature in 16 minutes.What you like this electric kettle is that is portable, which are the perfect car camping, school, work, tea, coffee and making instant noodle soups as well as boiling an egg and prepare your kids milk.

What We Liked

  • Input voltage car cigarette lighter DC 12V.
  • 304 stainless steel and food grade silicone.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Warm customize temperature freely.
  • One kind of heater bottle.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Reliable but not fast.
  • Some time getting an error code in windows of E7.
  • Cheap 12 V plug.
  • Temperature control is only Celsius.

4. Best lightweight camping kettle: Stanley camp 24oz cook set

This kettle is simple and that is pretty good. One of the lightweight and most effective camping gear that can be boil water and make tea or coffee. These kettles are made of high-quality material like as 18/8 stainless steel. This material will not rust naturally and BPA free. Most of the man and women like the kettle because it can boil water easily and looking versatile design.

Stanley Camp 24oz Cook Set

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These cook set vented lid to let’s when you cook on the camp stove. And handle extended for cooking but foldable to save space. This is a very pretty and use to looks great. The kettle is excellent quality and needs. Definitely, Stanley camp kettle one of the best kettle. We have ever bought.

What We Liked

  • Made 18/8 stainless steel.
  • Compact and save space.
  • Folding handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Small bore makes it hard to clean.
  • It is pretty small.
  • Bit heavy but efficient.

5. Best water boiler: Granite ware coffee, tea, water boiler- 3 quarts

We are recommended this kettle for the reason that we are confident you are like. If you want something is durable, then we suggest getting one this. This kettle is a superb product, shipped early and you can use one about a week. It is a great kettle for your family or anyone who loves tea or coffee. We know that it is free of other harmful chemical materials. If you want to give coffee or tea in the morning, while you can choose the outdoor gear and we know that is a great choice for you.

Granite Ware Coffee, Tea, Water Boiler- 3 Quarts

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What We Liked

  • Heats quickly and easily.
  • Three-quart capacity.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Dishwasher and metal tool safe.
  • Does not alter the taste the beverage.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Worthless piece hinge.
  • Lid cheap quality.

6. Best camping water pot: GSI outdoors Halulite tea kettle

We are confident that The GSI outdoor tea kettle is an outstanding. One of the main thing the kettle we really like and low price and effectiveness. This is made from hard anodized aluminum heat better than titanium kettle. We love tea or coffee but we waiting for heat the water to boil. This is very fast. We know this is a good choice. Time to get fancy. These kettle designs keep warm. The kettle features a no-drip spout for the perfect pour. The GSI company is great when it’s come to outdoor products. This kettle is lightweight and easy to carry.

 GSI outdoors Halulite tea kettle

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What We Liked

  • Heat water very fast.
  • Made with Anodized durable aluminum.
  • The handle is coated to prevent burns.
  • 32-ounce backpacking kettle.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Little tea kettle short and stout.
  • Single user tea kettle.

7. Best outdoor camping kettle: Stansport aluminum percolator coffee pot, 9 cups kettle

There is a lot of kettle in the world wide web but this is good for you. It beautiful and versatile design of the outdoor gear. This kettle has a lot of positive customer reviews. Other hands this price is low and affordable and product of more plenty of attributes.

We will highly be recommended that anybody who wants to boil water in the outdoors. But we can’t believe a product quality because incredibly budget. It is made of durable aluminum, rustproof and high gloss polished aluminum. The two handles included comes with tops and side. Easy to pour spout and heats quickly.

Stansport aluminum percolator coffee pot, 9 cups kettle

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What We Liked

  • Rust proof material.
  • Easy to boil water.
  • Top and side handle.
  • High gloss polished aluminum.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • It is cheap but very lightweight.
  • When percolating it will push the cap.

8. Best hiking portable kettle: OuterEQ 0.8L camping hiking portable kettle

OuterEQ is an amazing outdoor kettle. You will not go wrong to choose this kettle because this kettle is very durable. It is great for outdoor kettle general use as it boils water. It is also easy to carry and portable handle.

An amazing outdoor kettle enlarged capacity when people want coffee or tea. We know that one of the best outdoor camping gear that you need to get.

However, these kettle lid knob can put down and up. The material is scraping and corrosion resistance. So, we recommended these kettles are ideal for camping hiking and other activities.

camping kettle

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What We Liked

  • Scraping and corrosion resistance.
  • Large capacity activities.
  • Great for camping hiking and backpacking.
  • Lid knob up and down.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Little tea kettle.

9. Honourable mention: Winterial camping cookware and tea pot set 10 piece

We are suggesting that is very helpful for your mother. Because these kettle sets use anyway. 10 piece sets help us for your mother too. However, we get from the numerous positive customer reviews from a more helpful review website. We know that it is very effective and amazing tea sets. We could not recommend this kettle but we I like it very much. These kettles used to boil water and make coffee or tea. And this pot has a great deal of useful capability. We will love for a great camping gear.

best comping kettle

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What We Liked

  • Great for camping or backpacking.
  • Heat well and friction resistant.
  • Frying pan, kettle and durable pot are all affordable.
  • The pot easy cleaning.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • This set made of aluminum.
  • No measure marking.

10. Best silicone camping kettle: Dltsli portable silicone outdoor camping kettle

We are looking first this is one of the finest camping teapots. You know that the good kettle you will give lots of usefulness. This is a wonderful item for the purchase your price. This quality is better but it is inexpensive. These kettle designs are collapsible and portable. You can boil water in a short time and easy to carry. It is durable and made from silicone, stainless steel base for extreme heat resistance. Plastic handle and BPA freeDltsli portable silicone outdoor camping kettle

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What We Liked

  • Silicone tea pot with stainless steel base.
  • Compact amazing design.
  • Traveling and backpacking kettle.
  • BPA free.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • The packed small fact the handle melted.
  • Difficult to manage but really liked it.

11. Honourable mention: Docooler ultralight camping water kettle

Docooler ultralight outdoor camping, hiking and backpacking kettle is a lightweight and looks simply design. I have used and tested these kettle. We will like kettle and it is a wonderful design. This is amazing and boils water easily. I am satisfied with this item. I like it as well a lot of people like it. This kettle is well crafted. When you go camping, hiking, and backpacking you bring this kettle. It is both fine and also being durable.

Docooler ultralight camping water kettle

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What We Liked

  • Heats and boil water very well.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Durable, lightweight and solid kettle.
  • Great for outdoor and indoor gear.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Small kettle but easy to carry.
  • Terrible design.

12. Honourable mention: Level one collapsible silicone outdoor camping kettle

If you are searching for camping kettle this one of them. The kettle has the amount of positive customer rating and low price. This kettle is collapsible which you easy to carry, save space your camping bag and easy way to boil water. I read the all customer reviews and tested the kettle which is amazing. This kettle remarkable and unique design when selecting a product.

Level one collapsible silicone outdoor camping kettle

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What We Liked

  • Plastic handle, aluminum base and silicone body.
  • Collapsed and easy to carry.
  • Available color.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Developed a leak at the silicon/ metal seam.

13. Honourable mention: Optimus terra kettle

Optimus Terra kettle is a super kettle that you will ever find. These kettle positive consumer reviews and it is a lightweight and compact design. The terra kettle made hard anodized aluminum and fits inside optimums terra cook set. This handle is foldable and easy to transport.It has a plenty of positive rating and I got this gift for my best friend. I like very much and said that is was a fantastic gear. Thankful I bought the kettle and I will try to find other product in the future.

Optimus terra kettle

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What We Liked

  • Hard anodized aluminum.
  • Compact design.
  • Durable and light weight.
  • Fits inside optimums terra cook set.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Sharp edges and handle is weak.
  • Much smaller.

14. Honourable mention: GSI Outdoors red small tea kettle

GSI small tea kettle is one of the best that are available right now. This kettle can be boil water very fast and it is durable of another kettle. This kettle well according to numerous reviews and my personal experience. GSI is an amazing brand and makes a lot of great outdoor product.

GSI Outdoors red small tea kettle

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What We Liked

  • Hardened kiln twice for extra durability.
  • Enamel steel.
  • Effortless to clean.
  • Weight 17 ounce.

What We Didn’t Liked

  • Chipped inside and outside but durable.
  • Small kettle.

15. Honourable mention: Wealers outdoor portable camping silicone kettle.

Wealers outdoor portable collapsible kettle is an impressive camping teapot that you will find ever any web. There are lots of thing about this kettle and affordable price is one of the items. I am very confident that this coffee maker well made which is very sturdy. When I were going camping, these kettle purchase and used it. Really you can like because it is possible to love and effective. It can boil water easy and make coffee. There is a lot of item weaker brand.

Wealers outdoor portable camping silicone kettle

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What We Liked

  • Portable collapsible silicone kettle.
  • 100% food grade and BPA free.
  • Heat resistant and plastic handle.
  • Compact design and lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommended for camping stove.
  • Plastic handle that melted.

Comparison table-

Product NameProduct DimensionsVolumeManufacturerWeight
Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum5.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches1.4 litersEsbit Weight 6.1 Ounce
Trangia Aluminum Kettle5.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches1.4 L kettleTrangiaWeight 6.7
Uniox Car Cigarette LighterMinimum size 10.1″X3.1″Capacity:348mlUnioxWeight:530g
Stanley Camp 24oz Cook Set3.7 x 3.9 x 11.6 inches10oz/295mLStanleyweighs 13.9oz
Granite Ware Coffee8.2 x 5.9 x 8.8 inches2 QtGranite Ware1 lb
Stansport Aluminum Percolator4.2 x 4.2 x 4.6 inches0.6 liter potGSI Outdoors5 ounces
Stansport Aluminum Percolator8.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches20 cup and 9 cup capacity Stansport 12.6 ounces
OuterEQ 0.8L Camping5.5 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches Capacity:0.8LOuterEQ5.3 ounces
Winterial Camping Cookware6.8 x 6.8 x 3.5 inches1 Qt. Tea Kettle WinterialOnly 1.5lbs
Dltsli Portable Silicone8.7 x 5.9 x 2.76 inch1.2 Litres /42 OuncesDltsli1.5L / 1.2Lbs

Best camping kettles

We do not know, what is the best camping kettle? It is very good and lightweight. When you need to drink water or other beverage, it makes lots of time. But these items boil water may have many bacteria and parasites. If these water or beverage are not better boiled, it may have bacteria.

However, normal kettles are very big, heavy and not perfect for outdoor gear. It is advisable to give consideration and we have given below so that you can get a good idea and what item is suitable for your camping.

There are many company sites sell various camping kettles. But we have listed outstanding product where have full buyer reviews. A few products of the best that can boil water fast and easily. These are the best product that is very effective and while being better budget and we strongly recommend in our website. Now you will choose the item and you going to the list which is the reason, we think that you will be set up your decision.

Types of kettle

There are many types of camping kettle can be manufactured from different kinds of materials. The stainless steel is popular kelly kettle because it is very durable, high-quality modern design and easy to clean. But if you do not mind this stainless steel kettle weight. We know that it is a good choice because the cowboy coffee pots camping tea kettle could last a lifetime. The made by glass kettle is also attractive but if you do not properly use this kettle break easily. And aside from this, these kettles can’t heat up gradually and until your tea is ready.

Just you like stainless steel cast iron piece are very durable and get a good retaining heat. However, cast iron is rust for over time. If you want does not stain or scratch you might want to the aluminum kettle. These are very energy and durable and hold up well during camping and traveling.If you want to buy a good portable kettle you choose the ceramic type kettle that is thick walls and durable. These kettle does not rust anyway.

How to choose a camping kettle

Camp fire or camping stove

First, you consider is the weather for you are going to be using a camp stove or campfire. This is very important because there are many different types of the handle used for the collapsible teapot. Some kettles handle are made by silicone and some use plastic. But you are using a camp stove, it is better for fire controlled.

This stove heats the kettle so you have good control of the fire. These a campfire heat the everywhere. You can’t put a plastic handle kettle in the middle of the campfire. Most of the time the handle will just melt. So you need to know how you are going to heat the kettle for picking.


The material is obviously very important for a kettle for camping. All types of material do not allow you to boil water easily. Some of the metal boil water take a long time but you know that some material will boil the water very easily. When you going camping, it is very important because that time you use camping stove use gas canisters. Gas canister is very expensive for a long time passes.

The good metal heats the water very easily stainless steel camp kettle and we should good idea to get material that heats very well and water boil very fast. Good material saves your time and you do not have to wait a very long time to make a tea or coffee or all types of beverage.


Of course, durability is very important for backpacking kettle. You do not want that these kettles break apart rather easily. If you buying a cheaply made kettle you remember that it is not lasting for a long time. So we should want to buy a good kettle that lasts for a long time must be considered for durability. You may think that all kettle is durable but you will be surprised that are cheaply made and break apart very easily. So we should careful durability of the item must be considered.


Weight is very important for camping and backpacking. Because, when you going to travel or camping, you have a limited weight you can carry. Suppose hiking for 25 miles and carrying clothes, cookware, camping pads, tent and other outdoor gear. It is not going to be fun.

So weight must be important. Most of the people are carrying 15 pounds of weight. But 15 pounds is not a lot. A camper needs camping gear, camping tent, hammock, camping mess kit, hiking gadgets and other types of necessities. The amount of weight can carry while in the outdoors. If weight does not matter when the kettle we have used at home.


Camping and backpacking are very important in your life because it refreshes your health and minds. So, there are many camping gear needs when you going camping or backpacking. But backpack space is always constant. Which the limited amount of space in a backpack, as a result, a kettle should be portable and compact, when you are going backpacking or camping.

If you have other camping gear, you have not much space for carrying the kettle or a camping cookware. Now you should take into consideration the size and portability, when you want to purchase.


Finally, the price is also very important. There are many types of price. But most of the kettle is not durable and long-lasting. When you purchase you should consider the price of the item.

There are lots of kettles to choose from and you do not need to pay for the very expensive kettle. But the price does not matter if these products are durable and long-lasting. Because you can’t purchase every season. Now written down we listed are very affordable and long-lasting.

When looking for a kettle for camping

Camping can be a very good experience, if you do it the right way and pack the right items. You do not forget sleeping bags, bushcraft kettle, sleeping pads, cozy clothes, warm blankets and a roomy tent as well as a great enamel tea kettle for warm beverages. Now, which type of kettle are needs. Now you can read below about the most important feature we consider such items.

Kettle size considerations

The camping kettle is various sizes. If you want to buy a large kettle, you will have to pay more. Moreover, you choose a size is how much time it requires for your preferred tea to prepare. If you have got a large family kettle you should spend more time to prepare drink tea kettle and you will spend a considerable amount on making it.

So, now you make sure you opt a good kettle and number of cups you usually drink. Not to mention that if you have a large enamel teapot, you like to invite more friend or family with outdoor getaways.

How long does it take boil water?

When you wake up in the morning you want a hot cup of tea or coffee but it prepares some time. So we need a coleman camping coffee maker which that boils up water fast. Some of the kettles give as long time for boils water. But the best enamel tea kettle, regardless of the materials used for manufacturing, 3-4 minutes will boil water. You will enjoy a hot cup of tea in a small-time. But we suggest the aluminum kettle are the best and right.

A lightweight design

We know that when you choose the best campfire kettle should be first of all a lightweight items. When you travel with kids that time you need some goods carrying. The lightweight design electric camping kettle means when you carrying your camping bags you do not miss any equipment. But the camping bags carrying so difficult.

We suggest aluminum kettle is one of the most lightweight materials and hustle free. These elements are no rusting, no back pains and no sideburns from carrying the equipment for your next camping session. This kelly kettle good for you.

Keep warm option

When you read online reviews kettle for camping you should one of the most useful features to keep the water or liquid warm as much as possible. If you want your best backpacking coffee maker is able to keep water warm for half an hour, this means that the tea or coffee is not warm when waking up campers. We should choose the camping coffee maker percolator that water warm a few hours because of the campers sleepless and drink a hot cup of tea.

If you choose a really whistling camping good kettle for camping and chance you kettle function when you need. So you should make sure buy an snow peak kettle for camping and traveling.

Extra Features

Besides not a matter for material and size, you need to look other feature for various camping kettle set. Most of the kettle boasts large lids that it can be clean and adhesive. If you have not enough time for drink tea, you can get a cowboy coffee pot with a big wide lid. Another factor is the flow spout. These kettles are equipped with an ideal spot for great water pour control. You can be refilled easily.

A short buying guide

It is quite a pity because you are not being able to enjoy your camping for your favorite beverages. Most of the people can’t imagine there lives without a cup of tea. So you understand why you need to invest in the camping for the kettle. But you can get difficult to choose the models. However, we have got down with these useful tips for buying a camping coffee maker percolator.