Best camping bed[Aug 2021] review & buying guide

If you want to the best camping experience requires the best camping bed, which help your great night’s sleep outdoors. But it’s not enough to have a tent, it’s not enough to make delicious food and it’s is not enough to coat yourself in anti-bear spray, you can’t get a comfortable night’s sleep.

best camping beds

Without a camping bed, you can’t enjoy your outdoor adventure. If you know how important sleep in your normal life, so you need a good sleep for your good health. A bad night’s sleep comes to fatigue, irritability, inevitably and lethargy the world’s campers and also known among your camping buddies as you.

When you get the best bed for camping, you’ll immediately notice the benefits. But you can’t get it, you face many problems with the sound of nature, it might be haven’t found the best bed for camping. We have put together a list of camping bed that’s help you find the right mattress for sleeping at night.

It is important to take a comfortable bed with you when you going to camping or hiking that’s ensure a comfortable and peaceful rest. Check some of the best camping bed for campers which are comfortable and help the outdoor camping experience by ensuring your good night’s sleep.

Top product list on the amazon

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Bed With High Capacity Pump

2. Etekcity Twin Queen Size Camping Air Mattress

3. Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

4. Aerobed Extra Bed With Built-In Pump, Queen

5. ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

6. Intex Classic Downy Airbed

7. Therm-A-Rest Mondoking 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

8. Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

9. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

10. BetterHabitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam Floor Mattress

11. Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

12. KingCamp Light Camping Sleeping Air Mattress Pad

Top 12 best camping bed mattress buying guide 2021

1. Best Overall Air Bed: SoundAsleep dream series Air bed with high capacity pump

The SoundAsleep dream series air mattress is a top pick for today and this is a mattress that will make you think they are no sleeping option for worth buying. It comes with an industry leader and comfort Coil technology which is SureGrip base that’s provide a secure and stable sleep.

SoundAsleep dream series Air bed

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These camping bed 15-gauge material which is durable and puncture resistant to ensure your satisfactory use in all kinds of environment. It inflates to full size in less than 4 minutes, which is a piece of good news for everyone and you can use the bed immediately after the sleepiness hits.

More features:

  • Extra thick and durable waterproof flocked top
  • Patented EZ Pump
  • Sure grip Bottom
  • Customer friendly service
  • Carry bag included

The bed doesn’t deflate overnight and maintaining excellent firmness and inflation over two weeks at a time. The first nodded of when you wake up as comfortable. The waterproof bed also prevents potential damage from both rain and sun which still down is being easily packed and transportable and easy carry bag.

We haven’t told us it is the best camping mattress  for no reason and will transform your camping experience and give you luxury life in luxury place when they stay the night. Now you make sure to check our guide to the best camping foam mattresses.


  • Multilayer 15-gauge puncture resistant material
  • Inflates to full size within 4 minutes
  • Premium double height raised air bed
  • Made from ComfortCoil technology
  • They have integrated cord storage
  • Included carry bag
  • Extra thick and durable waterproof flocked top


  • Used long time to deflate

2. Best Queen Size Camping bed: Etekcity twin queen size camping air mattress

The Etecity Twin queen size camping air mattress is an excellent option that price a little less than the SoundAsleep bed which provides some great features that will ensure product quality. This mattress offers built-in support layers that work alongside.

Etekcity twin queen size camping air mattress

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The anti-skid base camping bed also prevents your bed from shifting during the night and working up to face full of a tent and it helps you a disturbance night sleep. This bed is raised 9 inches off the floor and protecting your cold surfaces that are help deep sleep and forget novice campers.

More features:

  • Rechargeable Pump included
  • Instant, durable and comfortable
  • Supportive inner built
  • Flocked top surface soft against skin
  • Rest assured without air leaks
  • Firm yet flexible

If you are pressed for time like as when the wolves are howling and the bears and padding closer and you will be thankful for super easy to set up and the mattress capable of inflating in around one minute and it’s equally pressed for time the next day that deflates quickly.

The air pump comes included in the package and has various additional nozzles for other valves. This material is a little difficult to clean, you make sure any guest and friends don’t eat or drink when on it. If you want a better experience, you need the best camping pillows from your list.


  • Anti-skid base mattress
  • Built-in supportive layers of material
  • Raised 9 inches floor to protect from cold surfaces
  • Fast setup inflation within 1 minute
  • Air pump comes with various nozzles
  • Suitable for various purposes including camping


  • Difficult to clean

3. Best Self-inflating sleeping bed: Exped megamat 10 insulated self-inflating sleeping pad

If you are looking the best camping mattress, you are looking premium pick, the mighty and comfortable exped megamat 10 insulated sleeping pad is one of them. Most of the people, unlike air mattress, it acts more like a bed than anything else, we are found so one and ensure temperature regulation that will make you wonder if you ever need to get up.

Exped megamat 10 insulated self-inflating sleeping pad

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You should get up because they fun all day in the tent when you could enjoy the fresh air. When you get back, you can easily adjustable for firmness and despite its self-inflating design. They have included a mini pump is ideal for helping you find a perfect level for a great night’s sleep and hassle-free.

More features:

  • 4 seasion comfort
  • Easy to use mini pump
  • Roll top side winder stuff suck
  • Extra large deflation valve
  • Hassle free rolling and packing

This is a really great product and capable of giving you a soft, comfortable place to great sleep and need not invest in additional thermal insulation or single season mattress. You should justify the premium price and buy it.

You can get fast and simple inflation and you use first time and roll0top side winder stuff sack that’s ensure portability. It works perfectly in tents, car camping and living room floor which ensuring comfortable sleeping.


  • More like a bed than a sleeping pad
  • Self-inflating with mini pump firmness
  • Design for four seasons to serve
  • Extra large valve to ensure fast inflation
  • Nearly 4 inches of insulated loft
  • Honeycomb embossed top


  • Slightly long initial inflation time on first-time use

4. Best Value: Aerobed extra bed with built-in pump, queen

The AeroBed extra bed provides the perfect combination of features for comfort, reliability, and convenience, so you can sleep perfectly.

They have a convenient and compact option for anyone that’s saved on space. The queen size extra bed measures long and wide like 78-inches long by 60-inches wide and when inflated 9-inches high.

This bed are soft, flocked fleece surface for extra comfort. The bed made by oval coil construction that ensures extra support in all night sleep. This bed is puncture resistant PVC vinyl, heavy-gauge with the cleanable surface for ultimate convenience.

The Aero manufacture included a powerful built-in pump that inflates just 3 minutes and aeroBeds have famous whoosh valve that deflates the bed just 15 seconds. The bed carries with handy storage bag, so it is easy to transport and store.

Aerobed extra bed

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While it’s useful to have around the house for guests when needed, it isn’t probably great for long term use and it is the sole reason when you are buying it, they are a better option out there. You can frequently be camping trips and it’s almost a perfect option for good night sleep. You are looking more camping products, you check out our guide list to the best sleeping pads.


  • Speedy inflation and fast deflation with built-in pump
  • Flocked fleece surface ensures comfort
  • Heavy gauge puncture resistant
  • Easy to transport with portable storage bag
  • Inflation just 3 minutes and deflation just 15 second
  • Easily cleanable surface for health
  • Odor-free plastic


  • You don’t use long-term

5. Best Rechargeable Air Bed: ALPS mountaineering rechargeable air bed

ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable air be is a nice little blow-up camping air bed which is ideal for anyone who looks at a large rock rising from the ground. These will be providing the super comfort and almost velvet-soft top that will feel you are cheating. The air bed is also super functional as it is comfortable and the same cover helps us to keep it in place and prevents slipping, sliding and mattress riding.

ALPS mountaineering rechargeable air bed

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The air bed needs small air pump is deceptively effective and they are fully inflated in just a minute.  The air bed is great for car-campers and anyone who’s on the go. You can customize the air bed firmness, however, you need with ease and ensure the right mattress pressure no matter where you are going or spending time.


  • This air bed provides both indoor and outdoor solutions
  • Easy to carry bag for transportation
  • Sheets are standard fits
  • Soft-flocked top extra comfort
  • The rechargeable pump includes a car charger and wall charger


  • May be short for a taller person

6. Best Classic Mattress: Intex Classic Downy Airbed

At less the inexpensive best value camping air bed is the Intex Classic Downy airbed that’s nothing but it is a very excellent budget for casual campers. This airbed just people use a single camping spot and know they need nothing more. These aren’t cheaper than other camping air bed, they are still plenty of great features that will come in handy in the wilderness, so let’s start to go full-size and offers a 20.8 gauge waterproof flocked top, so you can use this air bed in a variety of seasons. The air bed maintaining comfort and enjoying wonderful night’s sleep.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

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The air bed large enough to fit everybody and you can substitute it as a real mattress which is desperately trying to live. However, the bed are lung capacity air bed and the pump doesn’t come as a part of the package. This bed is a fit for your large camping tent.


  • The bed looking sturdy and reliable design
  • Large enough to fit everybody
  • An excellent substitute for a real mattress
  • 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings
  • Unique wave beam construction for flat surfaces


  • Pump not included

7. Best 3D Foam Mattress: Therm-a-rest mondoking 3D self-inflating foam camping mattress

The therm-a-rest Mondoking self-inflating foam mattress is a very luxury mattress which providing comfort and warmth on the trail. These offer 20% more sleeping surface than your average camping mattress.

Therm-a-rest mondoking 3D self-inflating

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The mattress is not too large but this size fit for the taller person. The relies on vertical sidewalls to provide this surface area where another mattress is rounded like a typical mattress. The 20% mattress are may same but you surprised that the rollover during the night and find yourself left with plenty of remaining air bed space. If you want you and your partner share the bed as much as possible, you can pair it with camping an additional mattress and transform rolling beds and packaging it.


  • Luxury self-inflating mattress
  • Provides 20% more sleep surface
  • Pairable to create larger sleeping surfaces
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to storage and transportation


  • Deflation isn’t as reliable as inflation

8. Best Air Bed: Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

If you find kids camping mattress, you can purchase Intex cozy kidz inflatable airbed. Sometimes your kids convince that some time away endless your YouTube videos and spend a night on the best camping mattress for kids. These are much like its older brother, it is a low budget camping solution that may surprise you when effective it is.

Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

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These mattresses are available in various colors, so your kids so happy for colors. They are easy to packable and easy to store when on the move. The Intex cozy kidz camping mattress is waterproof and it will ensure weather protection that is softness provides extra comfort while camping. You will get a comfy inflatable mattress that repairs patch because we know the neglectful kidz can sometimes be.


  • Waterproof flocked top
  • With inflatable pillow and repair patch included
  • Variety of fun colors
  • Ideal for camping, sleepovers, and naps
  • Excellent price


  • Only meant for kids

9. Best 2 person bed mattress: Lightspeed outdoors 2 person PVC-free air bed mattress

The Lightspeed 2 person PVC-free air bed inflated with air can up to 2 persons. They have many features for stabilization. These are single valve cap to easily inflate and fast deflate in a manner.

Lightspeed outdoors 2 person PVC-free air bed mattress

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This queen size air bed only 6-pound weight which made it bring on camping and outdoor trips. On the other hand, the pump included in bag storage. These bed mattress made from a thermoplastic polyurethane material, the mattress comes compact design as you pack it up. Moreover, the temperature is despite any change in the environment condition.

In addition that the air bed materials provides better durability than PVC made beds. There is no pungent plastic when makes it ideal for traveling and camping.


  • Excellent quality air bed mattress
  • No pungent fumes or plastic smell
  • Very durable and multiple uses
  • Has no PVC materials on different weather conditions
  • Lighter and stores compactly


  • Air doesn’t hold well even when the valve is closed

10. Best floor Mattress: BetterHabitat sleep ready memory foam floor mattress

The camping foam floor mattress comes with a terry sheet made from cotton. These are waterproof which keep the bottom from sleeping. If you compared with other foam mattresses, the sleep ready provides more convenience. This is one of the best portable sleeping mattresses on the market.

BetterHabitat sleep ready memory foam floor mattress

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The Better Habitat sleep ready foam measures at 3-inches in height that’s provide excellent support and feel more comfortable. These are great for improving joint pain condition, improve your health and fresh your mind and energy. The bed cover is hypoallergenic potential, dust, mold, and bacteria from building up.

It is a versatile and portable camping mattress which can easily go on your outdoor trips and easy to carry handle and travel bag. These are excellent roll away bed for camping, hiking and travel, just simple overnight trips.


  • Convenient setup within a few second
  • Provides a comfortable because it is memory foam
  • Easy to store and fold easily
  • The foam mattress cover made from cotton terry material
  • Comes with carrying bag and it is waterproof


  • Lacks in size selections

11. Best lightweight sleeping Pad: Klymit static V lightweight sleeping pad

If you are looking a sleeping pad which carries your camping bag like a water bottle, then the Klymit Static V lightweight sleeping pad is very important for you. These are 18.6-ounce lightweight camping bed is made from 75D polyester that’s material is durable and offers great resistance against punctures and tears that are common shortcomings of poor quality camping gear. It also create rugged texture resistance to damage.

Klymit static V lightweight sleeping pad

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The Klymit V lightweight camping mattress contains a push valve that helps us quick inflation and deflation. The mattress inflation takes 10 to 15 breaths. The V light mattress has a V-chamber design which takes the shape of your body and maintains air movement and heat loss when you move and turn that’s very comfortable.

This mattress has built-in side rails that protect you by keeping on the mattress. The mattress is top of the mattress which keeps you in close contact with the mattress and increasing warmth.

The Klymit Static V mattress is the most unique mattress that it contains an anti-bacterial laminate that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms which could cause bad odors or damage the bed mattress.


  • An affordable lightweight camping pad
  • Easy to use push valve allow for quick inflation and deflation
  • Made of durable and rugged 75D polyester
  • Mattress inflation takes 10 to 15 breaths
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Sometimes slowly deflated

12. Best Honorable Mention: KingCamp light camping sleeping air mattress pad

The KingCamp light camping sleeping pad is the most unique of the air mattresses since it inflates itself once open the valves. The mattress made of 100% polyester, making it soft, very comfortable and durable. This polyester is environmentally friendly and that’s also waterproof. The KingCamp mattress contains compression straps for easy to folding and it is carrying bag for easy to transport and it is repaired when unexpected damages.

KingCamp light camping sleeping air mattress

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The KingCamp light camping mattress contains two valves which made of brass. The valve makes them durable because brass is noncorrosive. When using the pad you can inflate open the two valves. After use, open the two valves again and roll the mattress to let out the air. If the mattress doesn’t roll or comfortably fit inside its bag, then there is still some air in it. Just recheck and let out air again then roll until it’s flat.


  • Ideal for camping, backpacking, and hiking
  • Made of 190T polyester
  • The camping air mattress is waterproof
  • Compression straps and oversized oxford carrying bag
  • The mattress inflated take about 2 minutes


  • Glue not included

Camping bed buying guide

How to choose of best camping air bed

As much as we would have loved to test the product, but we didn’t have enough time to sleep for a long time to get the proper feel of them and we didn’t spend time with deadlines, eating for family and friends getting in the way. Every product has advantage and disadvantage and we searched high and low and somewhere in the middle before finally, finding and settling on the four crucial factors to ensure we found the best bed for camping.

Brand: What you can expect from the product, it depends on your bands. But everyone knows that why does the brand matter? Well, the brand matters because it is a representation of product quality. Camping equipment is a competitive market but they are many brands to develop the latest and greatest products for you.

This is awesome news for you that’s they are many options to find the right brands for us. We thought about when making the selection and works different brand we found those which are the forefront that’s one constantly innovating and it you will quite like.

Reviews: We already know that we didn’t get the chance to test the bed and compromise we read the review, if not thousands of excellent reviews from mostly serious customer who have experienced these bed and we are still seething this bed.

When you found excellent reviews on this product, you know these are excellent bed mattress. But you first discover things and read the product description then choose the products. When you choose the products you have challenging to inflate we know and if it prone to air leakage we know. If it is not comfortable and insulates heat, you bet we know and when you know it, which means you know too. Product reviews also helped us find true products and helped us discover secrets about the product we couldn’t wait to share.

Quality: It is so important talked to about good quality bed mattresses which make the comfort of your own home or outdoor. We should choose a high-quality bed for camping that’s ensure this product quality for you.

When we select the bed mattress, which was durable, reliable and comfortable. You use a new air bed, you want to ensure it provides a fantastic experience as possible and it gets excellent quality.

Price: However, the best quality product also risks you paying a higher price that’s everyone needs, want and even can do that. We looked around, you found a range of air bed with different size and quality. When you choose a high range of price, these are more comfortable and durable but you choose a sick brand and low price that are quality is not so good. You can’t be expecting more time use, maybe go only 5 times a year to premium bed mattress but we didn’t find a camping bed solution.

Some features to look for camping bed

Before you buying a camping bed, you are looking for some features which are new brand camping bed and make sure you know how to pick the best option for you. Always we have selected are the best ones and different needs. So it’s good to know the ins and outdoor camping air bed before you buying one that’s are not right for you. Now we some consideration to looking for a camping bed.

Size: Size is the most considerable thing for camping bed. Your camping bed mattress should be large for enough for you comfortably and fit on but not to be large because you can’t much space that could hinder other campers and much needed for bag, shoes and other accessories. You will always want to small mattress for camping that’s fits for comfortable and easy to carry. Before buying this product on your trip, it is a good idea to inflate it and test it the right size.

Inflation & deflation: An air bed isn’t much use for inflation and deflation, so the importance of how easy these processes that’s can’t understand. The last thing, you want to camp a long time about 2 hours blowing up a mattress you’ll always eventually give up on. When you want to sleep, you can’t contribute to an unsatisfactory sleep and more grumpy.

Self-inflating bed takes away a lot of issues do the hard work for you but the air bed also find that come with pumps that save you purchasing one yourself. You can get great sleep to reduce the time to inflate. Otherwise, deflation is often much quicker than inflation which is useful for running late leaving the campsite.

Weight: When you travel or going to a campsite, you need to some camping gear that helps your refresh your mind. But the main factor is a weight that’s difficult to carry which is too heavy and as this can cause aches and pains on the back and shoulders, especially for camping all day to the campsite. Everybody knowing this the weight is the main fact for carrying if these are lightweight option may cost more.

If you are traveling by car, you want to worry about this issue because you feel free to buying heaviest bed mattress you can find.

Comfort: Comfort is another important thing to consider that’s wake up feeling refresh and ready to go. A good mattress gives us a good night’s sleep when camping and particularly those with the little experience they are only sleeping there, so comfortable is the big deal.

The big deal is that without a decent night’s sleep, you will struggle to wake up in the morning and may even suffer from soreness, aches or pains. When you going to a longtime camping trip and doing other strenuous activities, so you need to be fresh and you can enjoy them. So we need to find a great camping bed mattress that offers excellent comfort.

Purpose: Ask yourself, what are you using the bed? Are you using car camping? Are you using tent camping? And are you using anywhere and sleeping in a cave or under the stars? What time you are using the mattress and also where are you camping?

Firstly, you fixed the purpose of your using the bed then make your purchase decision much easier and you can identify easily the most important factors for your needs.

Insulation: When you going to camping, you will using portable air bed for camping that’s provide sufficient insulation against the surface temperature to ensure your bed freeze during the night. Even in summer, you use the ground that feels warmer the rest of the year. It is important that most of the mattress have insulation to separate you from the chill of the ground on the sun.

Most of the mattress will have a least a thin layer of insulation that keeps you safe from the cold, but most of the premium price bed are the most effective insulation. Some mattress uses a down layer ideal for the coldest climates like as a jacket. Most of the models and brand especially only meant for 3 season camping and use synthetic insulation that’s effective.

To get a good idea for using well insulated your camping bed is R-value that’s resistance to heat flow to give you and what season mattress is most compatible.

Shape: Camping bed come in a variety of shapes and sizes to needs your tent camping, car camping, cave camping and backpacking. The bed shapes can be straight or tapered and they have individual benefits to make your camping experience you need best.

The straight bed mattress offers more sleeping area and it more reliable for wake up still on the bed in the morning. The bed mattress size depending on the size and they are also good for couples camping easy to share and you get an adequate amount of space for comfort.

Other hands, the tapered bed mattress help to reduce the space of the tent or sleeping area. They are good for those for the limited area but feel a little like comfort which you are being measured for your own coffin that’s just plain creepy.

Material: If you looking a good mattress, you need good materials to make a good bed mattress that gives you the necessary support to stay on the mattress during the night. If this mattress made flocked material that keeps the camper in place are so good on the tent surface.

Your bed mattress should also be waterproof and well-constructed which puncture resistant material. Not only it is more durable but also need to easier clean in the event of a spill and mud-covered boots.

Types of camping beds

There are three types of the camping bed mattress. You should also get an idea of what types of camping bed you need for your next adventure. It depends on what is best for you, you can choose one of them from three types of the camping bed mattress.

Closed foam mattress: Closed-cell foam mattress don’t self- inflate, as they feature dense foam and filled with tiny closed air cells. They are not as thick from other foam mattress and weightless. The closed foam mattress can’t puncture. The closed cell mattress is often the lightest to carry and they are not the most comfortable but the closed foam mattress are light to carry, bulky and are often carried on the outside of a pack.

A closed foam mattress is a great option for all kinds of campers which use to deep woods mountain men and women because they are cheap and so lightweight. They are made the foam and it is easy to carry and transport, you need not taking up a lot of space, but you pack them outside of the backpack and you can attach them with straps. They still provide adequate protection and work well on the surface.

The modern closed foam mattress has ridges and patterns which provide more comfort and durability that come with a layer of insulation for your use in colder climates comfortably.

Air camping beds: The air camping bed mattress is the most expensive options for camping ground. This mattress more luxury and these materials and technology used to construct them. It is extra feature is expenditure more than worth, which not only are these bed comfortable but they are also massively convenient and lightweight and also easily compatible to fit for backpacking.

Everybody unlike cheaper bed mattress, they are also capable to use and it is more budget and save your additional mattress to suit the climate.

The bed thickness is a factor for selling. It is useful for sleeping on anything but thick and comfortable. If you sleep anywhere, you need a variety of thickness with the air mattress that’s definitely something consider and you will still be surprised at how small pack for transportation.

Perhaps the only thing that now requires to use the air mattress, if you use yourself with all the power of your lungs, just don’t go too hard and pass out and you can invest in a pump. Some air mattress comes with a pump and some mattress have a power source for them to work effectively.

If you have this option for this product, you will buy it easily or you didn’t invest in one earlier. You can use this double spare bed at home when the guest comes.

Self-inflating mattresses: What is a better mattress for a camper? A better bed mattress helps your own precious breath on to inflate and good night’s sleep. The bed made from high-quality and reliable fabrics and it is guaranteed to last a long time. It is excellent for campers and its provide a comfortable sleep and also help sit and rest whether you sleep in your tent, car and some kind of shelter.

The self-inflating mattress made with a mixture of air and open cells foam that provides excellent insulation from temperature when whether too hot or too cold. The bed’s firmness is easily adjustable. These are more expensive than any other bed mattress but they are cheaper than other mattress but more expensive than their closed foam mattress.

They are heavier or durable than air mattress which could help inconvenience for backpacking. They are not easy to pack the mattress, so you need to short space for packing.


They have many types of camping beds on the market. We research team try to best what is the best camping beds or camping mattress. If you read these reviews and purchase one of them on the list. We recommended that SoundAsleep camping mattress, ALPS Mountaineering Air bed, Etekcity camping bed, Klymit Static V light and Lightspeed Outdoor 2 person PVC-free air mattress is best for you.

The camping bed is lightweight, comfortable and durable and anywhere you can use. This pop-up camping bed is quick and easy to use. The folding camping mattress easy to carry and set up on-site. When you going to camping or hiking, you need comfortable and peaceful rest, so you needs camping bed.