10 Best tips for camping in the rain

Rain is an unfortunate part of camping. Even if you have been generate hundred tips, but you will always groan to yourself when you see the dark clouds in the sky. But you do not have stop camping because of a little precipitation.

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If you can you should avoid rain. First when you plan your trip you check the weather forecast and you should know weathers you are camping during area’s rainy season. You might still run into the rain in your areas but you will minimize your wet trip. We tell you a few important tips that will keep your body dry and comfortable when rain in the camping.

 When you any plan for trip, you should some preparation. But if you do not any plan for the rain, you are asking some trouble for trip. I prefer that you carry look for waterproof materials and test you tent in your home garden.

Watch your surroundings

There are some natural environmental tress that tend a natural change in the weather. The weather sudden calm indicate that barometric pressure is ripple and this storm can be signify. Many fishermen signify the case and noted that when fish bite more frequently change immediately come storm and it signify pet owners often note dog’s behavior. The fishermen do not ignore these hints. It is flow the rule thousands of years of biology telling that you can be camping in the rain soon.

Bring a lot of plastic bags.

The important things about plastic bags of all sizes. Such as trash bags sealing sandwich bags and so forth that keep it water effectively as higher in dry bags. They are no virtually room for pack and cost next to nothing. But you can not reuse them like the brand name dry bags. But  for a single trip, you use cheap plastic bags are a saving grace and camping in the rain.

You should always carry a trash bag to cover your camper pack at night. And keep it dry other items as well digital camera, memory card, matches and other important paper like as fishing licenses, money and passport.

Newspaper comes in handy

A little newspaper take along and keep it dry. If it rains you can be beneficial for the several reasons. In addition that when it is rainy time you pass the time for reading newspaper and other hands it also serves as a useful fire starter if the rest of the forest is waterlogged.

 It reuse newspaper into your shoes at night. It helps us drying process by sucking moisture out of the shoes leather like a sponge.

Recognize the signs of hypothermia

Hypothermia is an important problem for campers and hikers. When the campers body temperature sudden and extreme lowering for snow-covered landscapes and remote, ICY tundra. In fact, risk of getting hypothermia when you wet the rain. When your body temperature dips below 95 degrees you are serious problem. That a time you should going to  a near-by hospital. But if the hospital is not a realistic option, you should keep the warm your body. In the time remove all the wet clothing and cover the body in dry clothes, blankets and sleeping bags.

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Collect the water

Camping in the rain does not all bad. If it is rains you some opportunity to collect drinking water. You can open your water bottle or setup a stretched tarp to funnel into your water pot or cooking pot.

You can collect water directly. You do not use any water that slide sown a tree, dripped from branches. It is not bad idea for filter your water before you drinking water, even rain water.

Take the trap inside

Tent ground traps when are placed directly on the dirt and beneath your tent. You can use extra sheet for protection barrier against water and dew. They come in all sorts plastic and nylon sheet which are cheap. In fact, you can use classic woven polyurethane from a hardware store. Place a ground traps inside your tent and much better water barrier this way.

Keep the coals hot

It is easy to focus on the storm, but you will back some basic camping things such as making a fire, cooking food and relaxing. We sure you collect some firewood in your tent where you protected from rain and getting a normal camp life in a sort time.

You collect some big logs into the fire before the storm that burn for the duration of the downpour. You would not have to deal frustrations of starting a fire because your fire burning steadily the whole time.

Watch the rocks

If you plan a backpacking trip camping in the rain, it is much dangerous. Because wet rocks are very danger for hazardously slick or loss and mosses add to the danger.

 If you want walk in the rocky inclines you ask yourself you are save hike on the rock. It is dangerous camp for the night and wait to walk when everything dries. At a time you can wearing closed-toe shoes with ample ankle support and grip surface on the soles. You can use hiking sticks for hike. Make sure your weight distributed in your pack in your balance.


Lighting is one of the most dangerous thing of camping in the rain. When you stay on a boat or swimming lighting can be strike during some time the main thunder clouds have passed overhead. That time you get out of the water immediately. You can find a spot that near the geographical spot.

When during the storm you do not hunker down beneath large branches. The storm can be extremely frightening for children. If you camping with children, you plan who you can keep your kids calm during bad weather.

Air out your wet stuff

When you have endured a storm during your trip, your packed up cloth was still a little wet. So your wet cloth unpack immediately for fully dry. Otherwise, your cloth are damage molds, mildew ruin all the fabric.

Here are some tips for camping in the rain and help you stay happy your trip. The major problem for camping in the rain.

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